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For awhile, it seemed like our new strategy of banning the owners worked. WTF THE EPISODE JUST CAME OUT BEFORE 4 DAYS NOW ITS ALL OVER UTA -... XD Sorry for not posting anything over two week because im fall sick and plus exam :/ Time taken : about 1 hour and 40 minute?

But recently, there's been a resurgence...════════════════For those of you who are somehow unaware or somehow think these chats are acceptable to make, know that they are not tolerated.════════════════Any chat that in any way encourages or opens up the possibility for sexual content to be posted therein is and will be considered a sex chat. EDIT: HOW IN THE WORLD THIS GOT FEATURED WHEN I WAS ASLEEP? THANK YOU ALL OF YOU Heeeeey, how's everyone doing? TSUKI TAKE IT DOWN THAT DEKU-ALL MIGHT PICTURE GIVES ME LIFE , YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP -///slapped It's not the right time to talk about BNHA JUST WAIT UNTIL I ...

In the past, there was an epidemic of inappropriate public chats popping up. Determination edit: Thank you for featured =D Hi, I'm t... Also please note that this is my first poem, so i would like some feedback ^^; Edit : Thanks for the feature!

We leaders did our best to get the owners of those chats to take them down, but new ones appeared faster than we could convince their creators to delete them. EDIT: HOW IN THE WORLD THIS GOT FEATURED WHEN I WAS ASLEEP...

Saliva samples were collected from these children when they reached three to four months of age and were analyzed for postnatal testosterone (p T) levels.

Mothers were asked to complete the Quantitative Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (Q-CHAT), a measure of autistic traits in children 18 to 24 months old.f T levels were the only variable that predicted Q-CHAT scores.These preliminary findings are consistent with the hypothesis that prenatal (but not postnatal) androgen exposure, coinciding with the critical period for sexual differentiation of the brain, is associated with the development of autistic traits in 18 to 24 month old toddlers.This includes chats that directly express their sexual nature, such as: Beyond these, any chat with the word "sin" or any form of that word will also be considered a sex chat, as they invite pornographic posting.═══════════════════════The "No Mercy" Rule From this point onward (again) any and all owners of public chats that fit any of the above criteria will be subjected to the new "No Mercy" rule. WTF THE EPISODE JUST CAME OUT BEFORE 4 DAYS NOW ITS ALL OVER... When the violator is caught in the act, the user responsible for creating the chat will be banned. There will be no questions asked, no second chances, no mercy.

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