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We decided to put our money where our mouth is and examined nearly 1.5 million interactions on First between our United States’ members to determine just how much a person’s income can affect their success online.As it turns out, the gold digger concept is alive and well for both genders — but in different ways.

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Women hold more managerial and professional jobs, they earn more college degrees, and long-term economic shifts favor fields dominated by women. In “the pervasive notion that men are afraid of high-powered women is kind of bullshit, and that research shows “men will be just as adaptive and realize what an advantage a high-earning partner can be” in the near future.

working wives now out-earn their husbands, and many believe they’ll soon make up a majority.

A relationship without mutual respect is not a relationship—so it is equally important that the respect you give is returned to you regarding the same choices you’ve made in your life. Sure, when you are with a man who isn’t quite as successful as you, then most likely there are a few differences in your lifestyles that could play a determining factor in whether or not the relationship will work.

What is he doing when you’re slaving away to make a hard-earned living? Can he barely support himself so he relies solely on you? These kinds of behaviors can make high-income women feel used and can lead to questions like, “Is he really interested in me, or is he just interested in my black American Express card?

What does that mean for average earners that want to date online? Women may fib a bit on their weight and men tend to stretch the truth on their height so what’s the harm in rounding up? Sooner or later, though, your date is going to want to know what you do for a living and if the numbers don’t add up, you will find yourself all alone before things even get started. People who choose “Rather Not Say” on their online dating profile were assumed to be lower earners.

The online dating industry is a .1 billion business, with niche dating sites claiming more and more of that market share.

So “owning up to your accomplishments and buying him a drink” is probably not the best strategy for such successful men. 2) You may not have any respect for men who make less than you. Because if there’s one thing that men figured out long ago, it’s that if you’re a successful man, you don’t need to marry a woman for her money. So, if we’re going to embrace the notion of women being equal to (or greater than) men, you can’t just say it’s all on men to suck it up and not feel emasculated because you’re successful.

You can marry her for love, kindness, support, laughter, attraction, values, children, respect. It’s your job to stop looking down on men who have lower-paying careers.

We will need to re-negociate your put out levels, semi regular isn't quite regular enough.

I did glance at your profile and trust me I m no profile expert, but the fact that you mention that wage is not a issue with you , to me screams "the lady does protesth too much" I could be wrong, but another poster has already noticed that....

Once again Hilly I just couldn't help myself Every varies in what's important to them.

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