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So got to keep a close eye on things now - because all shares would be affected. Its when you see large cap companies suddenly release bad news and cause a downspike. ----------------- "In life the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Here in CH we have another saying: "The reason for the rich people to have that much money is not by spending it." ) The charts are useful because other people follow them and trade using them and whether you use them to trade or not is irrelevant.

Take a look around on the Ftse and see one or the other share strafed (PFG, etc, you name it). If you dont mind, can we please focus on this company discussion - and this specific share thread as well as website (not other sites). Of course I'll be always happy to answer any of your other share tickers you are interested in. The rich tend to be able to afford research and the poor are kept in the dark. It helps understand why the Sp struggles to push through certain levels and when it falls back it gives you an idea of at what price to buy.

If you have a query before you travel, get in touch using this form.

Please remember to include your booking reference – if you have one – as this will help speed up the process.

These sort of "early drops" happen a while before the entire index drops. I value chartists input - especially since it is free." Sageman, bigplayer! Aim stocks will always be driven by news flow and this will ultimately determine the end game.

As for the Dow and Ftse, they are said to see 15-20% consolidation. But whilst we are waiting for news there is much price action.

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Chator Date is one of the Intermediactive Group brands and sits alongside Chat Box, Gay Network, 4D, Candywall and Kooma as part of the wider group.

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