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It's important not to rush and to have the right supplies. The process starts with assembling a well-vetted guest list with addresses that have been double checked for updates, as well as names for misspellings and how spouses or significant others like to be called.From an art supply store buy several archival gel ink pens that don't smear, dry fast and have a clean tip for writing. Before even picking up an envelope, those on the invitation-addressing team should first practice using the archival pens.Now that I have made my save the date mistakes and missteps, I realize just how important it is to have a save the date guide on hand to answer all of your questions about this key pre-invitation.

" by including the city and state on your save-the-date (no need to put the actual venue at this stage).

Many of your guests will still have to travel and possibly book overnight accommodations so give them a heads as a courtesy.

Just a few weeks ago, I narrowed down my own save the date options and picked a winner.

The save the dates arrived and I quickly realized that I forgot a very important element, the location of the wedding.

This is not always the case, particularly with more modern invitations.

If you’re only including one envelope or sending an online invitation, be sure to address all invitees clearly and up-front.The save the date problems quickly multiplied when it came time to address the cards.I tussled with my mom over the proper etiquette for addressing all of those guests, bordering on formal and informal ideals.And if you opt for Sunday, consider an afternoon ceremony with the reception ending by 9 or 10 p.m.(you can have an informal after-party back at the hotel for guests who There are certain groups you generally can’t break; even if you see some of your aunts and uncles a few times a month and others a few times a decade, you really should include all (or none) out of fairness. Others decide to include dates for anyone in a relationship, while others draw the line at just couples who have been together for a year or more. The exception is your bridal party members — if you can swing it, allow your single bridesmaids and groomsmen to invite dates if they choose to do so.Getting married is one of the most personal experiences, which calls for extending a personally addressed invitation that the guest will enjoy receiving as something special.

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