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In an effort to adhere to this law, the state attorney general's website offers extensive information detailing what public records may be requested and how the request process works.

Combating sex trafficking has been an important priority for President Bush.

For help, his administration has turned to people like Gary Haugen, a former federal prosecutor who runs a human rights group called the International Justice Mission.

Moriarty, allowed the licensing of same-sex marriages in the state's Tenth Judicial District, which covers Johnson County, to proceed.

The court ruled that it was within the jurisdiction of Judge Kevin P.

The state had previously defined marriage in its Constitution as the union of one man and one woman and had by statute denied recognition to same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. On November 7, 2014, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals denied state officials' request for a stay pending appeal. As the injunction in Marie was set to take effect, the Kansas Attorney General contended that Crabtree's preliminary injunction only applied to the two counties involved in the lawsuit, not statewide.

Before the Supreme Court resolved the issue, a series of lawsuits had challenged the state's policies with mixed success. The American Civil Liberties Union maintained that the injunction applied to all 105 of the state's counties.

Five years ago, we came to Cambodia to investigate the sale of children for sex. Who travel here from thousands of miles away, so-called sex tourists.

What we found was absolutely horrifying: children as young as five being trafficked to Europeans and Americans for as little as . We've decided to follow their trail and infiltrate their perverted world.

This page lists public record sources in Hood River County, Oregon.

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