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But I’d like to challenge a common perception about what is — and what isn’t — diabolical.Often we view demonic activity in terms of sinister than this.

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It’s not initially about getting married, friends with benefits, or even winning and losing.

Rather, it’s two people prepared to care about each other, seeking ways they might help each other, and perhaps also exploring challenges to a long term relationship. A mutual friend or an event brought the two of you together for networking.

Satan’s agenda comes packaged so deceptively that we may never know we’re coming under demonic attack.

To shed some light on how the enemy works to destroy our lives, we first need to understand God’s view of what’s diabolical.

According to Proverbs 3, God considers evil to be arrogance and pride, as well as when people plot to harm others, oppress the poor, and stir up dissention.

It also says that God Although he was defeated at the cross, the enemy still wreaks havoc on our lives by lying and deceiving, corrupting everything that is wholesome and good, and by bringing shame on our hearts.

It used to be a buzzword and now it’s just business as usual.

It may have become mainstream but I still see mistakes which limit people’s success.

In its best form, you are seeking ways to make introductions or otherwise contribute to the other person’s success.

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