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The contract for 'counter-unmanned aerial systems' will supply 21 kits, which are believed to be earmarked for dealing with the growing threat of drones from ISIS.However, details of the kits and how they will work have not been revealed, although it is believed to be a modified version of the firm's existing 'drone shield' The deal is with ELTA North America, a U. subsidiary of Israeli Aerospace Industries which does produce a 'drone buster' called Drone Shield, pictured here. Here is our ASVAB practice question for this week - the answer is posted in the comments below!

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It is believed the new system mixes scanning systems with a system to disable drones mid flight, or cause them to return to their base, allowing them to be tracked.

According to Army documents, 'ELTA North America Inc., Annapolis Junction, Maryland, has been awarded a $15,553,483 firm-fixed-price letter contract for counter-unmanned aerial systems.

The system's radars can detect, track and jam small drones, and it is described as a'Compact and scalable drone detection and disruption system.'Last year, the company said it had sold Drone Guard to 'several customers for critical asset and personnel protection,' but did not disclose the buyers.

Since their inception, Delta have become masters at the dark arts of counter terrorism.

And we often associate them with kiddies' parties, but believe you me there's a lot more to the story of balloons than cakes and clowns. Doctors use them to open arteries of patients with heart disease.

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But that’s misleading because in all those places it represents a sliver of the local populace that, while a clear and present danger to the locals, isn’t a threat to their political control. military is now engaged in its third war in Iraq since 1991 not because ISIS represents a clear threat to U. Yet if the Pentagon’s top spies disagree over what to do about ISIS, what hope is there for the average citizen to figure it out?

THE PENTAGON VIEWLet’s start with a couple of givens, from the Pentagon’s perspective. “We are in a global war with a radical and violent form of the Islamic religion, and it is irresponsible and dangerous to deny it,” retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn said in a Jan. Flynn was pushed out of his job early as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency last August for his management style and views on Islamic terrorism.

The Pentagon estimates a 25,000-strong force made up of Iraqi army and Kurdish pesh merga units will be able to overwhelm the up to 2,000 ISIS militants believed to be in control of Mosul. The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria represents a villain “right out of central casting, just like in a James Bond movie,” says Thomas Donnelly, a defense expert at the American Enterprise Institute.

It’s an apt analogy: while there’s no doubt these fanatics are murderous thugs, how much of the shadow they’re now casting around the globe is really theirs, and how much is media magnification due to crafty use of their horrific You Tube videos? 19 that the Iraqis could be willing to try to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, from ISIS as early as April shows the U. and its allies also are playing the perceptions game.

It managed to climb to around 500 meters and travelled more than 3 kilometres before landing in a forest. Well, it was hard to tell, because the passengers on this historic flight were a sheep, a chicken and a duck.

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