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Other TV stations will be watching closely to see if this type of show is going to be a ratings winner.

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Malubay started Polynesian Dancing when she was in the first grade and started singing at the age of twelve.

At an early age, Malubay started singing for various Filipino-American functions around Florida, as well as opening for Filipino acts such as Kuh Ledesma and Martin Nievera during American tours.

Castiel and Uriel are later assigned with the task of killing the then-human Anna.

Castiel expresses regret and sorrow for having to do this.

Perhaps Sabriel can mention that our file says we have a reputation for being deceptive/honest to a fault instead.

Admitting to it, while funny, is also just kind of stupid and really not subtle.

After an emotional farewell, she performed "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" one final time following her elimination.

She’s also planning her own wedding to her fiancee Brooke.

How does the initial conversation with Sabriel feel?

It's a little more non-digetic than I like, but I wanted a way for players to sort of 'set' their base personality, and it mostly fits with the scene.

They served together in Heaven in the same garrison, with Anna as his captain before she fell.

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