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Unfortunately, don’t expect to see it happen in After 40 years of adventures people have a lot of information and a lot of theories about the paths these stories can take, and sometimes those theories that come up are new ideas for us to listen to, read, and pay attention to.

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For the rest of his life he walked with a false leg, using a crutch to steady himself.

When Sousa returned to the United States, he found people would often applaud his sacrifice, although he personally believed it was because people felt guilty and wanted to make themselves feel better.

So you filmed all of this season's shows last year. Jim O'Heir [who plays office scapegoat Jerry] has a really raunchy sense of humor.

You had to keep Andy and April's wedding under your hat forever. Andy's come a long way since season one, when he was a guy living in an outdoor pit. He's the king of the shock joke and making people feel uncomfortable, intentionally.

But what is his motive to follow the feisty blonde?

We know she’s collected her fair share of enemies over the years, but what is her connection to Andy the builder?

" And you just found yourself having to lie to them: "Uh, nothing really." We wanted to keep it secret. So she had just gotten her license when she got pulled over. And she just handed him everything in the glove compartment, including the receipt for the car. The cop says to her, "You don't have any tags." And she says, "Why not? But Mike sorta said, "Yeah, but then they're going to have a baby. This is a spoiler alert, but: Adam Scott's character is going to move in with Andy and April. Adam's going to come in and try to help us become adults.

You just never knew going on the set if someone was going to be an asshole or not. Both shows I've been on, it's been nothing like this. And I've never, ever seen her raise her voice or get pissed off. Did the mood on set change when a Big Hollywood Star like Rob Lowe joined the cast? He's another example of someone who's had success that's spanned several decades, and yet he's just really balanced and well-adjusted and nice. It's like "Rah-rah-fuck you" bullying and cock-blocking.

mall town Wisconsin cop Val Ryker is about to move in with her longtime firefighter boyfriend when her old boss asks for a favor.

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