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This is a list of festivals in the Philippines, known as "fiestas".

The origin of most early fiestas are rooted in Christianity, dating back to the Spanish colonial period when the many communities (such as barrios and towns) of the predominantly Catholic Philippines almost always had a patron saint assigned to each of them.

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or "Old Tang History", which refers to an 8th century tribe called the Meng-wu or Meng-ku of the Shih-wei, a federation of Mongolic-speaking tribes.

However it has been noted that the name might equally refer to the early Mangqut.

Originally encouraged by the Spanish to coincide with Christian holy days, early festivals became vital instruments in spreading Christianity throughout the country.

Fiestas in the Philippines can be religious, cultural, or both.

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It is possible that the Mongolic-speaking people were originally hunters and fishermen who only became nomadic pastoralists after absorbing some of the Turks who lived in the area now known as Mongolia at the end of the 10th century.

Even so it is obvious from their later lifestyle that hunting continued to play an important role in their activities.

At the eve of the Philippine Revolution of 1896, Pampanga was one of eight provinces placed under martial law for rebellion against the Spanish Empire; it is thus represented on the Philippine national flag as one of the eight rays of the sun.

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