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Recovery, for me, should be chilling at home, getting a massage. Olympic Talk: Did you listen to anything on the long runs? Olympic Talk: We know you have a very close bond with your dad, Yuki. Ohno: When I told my dad that I was thinking about doing the Ironman, the first thing he told me was that you shouldn’t do it.

"They would love to cast some Olympians if possible," says the source, who points out that the ABC competition series' team was waiting until after the games unfolded to see which athletes stood out. America's most decorated gymnast nabbed gold in four categories: all-around, vault, floor exercise and as part of the U. Case in point: Speed skater Apolo Ohno won season 4, gymnast Shawn Johnson prevailed in season 8 (and was runner-up in the all-star season 15) and ice dancer Meryl Davis ended up on top in season 18.

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There will be other “unexpected romances” among other characters, however, according to Ferrera.

Viewers will find out that Mateo (Nico Santos) is undocumented, but that’s far from his only storyline.

(She also took bronze in balance beam.) Plus, she landed a kiss on the cheek from her celebrity crush, Zac Efron, on the Today show's Tuesday, August 16, episode. I don't know — we'll be so busy, we have tour, and if that happens, and I can do it, that would be amazing."If the gymnast decides to enter the fray for the coveted mirrorball trophy, she would presumably become an instant front-runner, given the success rate of previous Olympic champs. gymnastics teammate Aly Raisman placed fourth in season 16.

"I can't dance, but that's what it's for.

Winter Olympian with eight medals, took on a different challenge this year. who doesn’t have a tattoo (not even an Olympic rings tattoo). If you can succeed and survive out of the Energy Lab, where it is so hot and the air is so still, you will be rewarded with the greatest final six miles of your entire life (to the finish line).

The event includes swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running a marathon (26.2 miles) back to back to back. Ohno: I had friends who were part of a triathlon team, who were like, look, I need to talk to you before the race tomorrow. The problem was, when I came out of the Energy Lab, I was expecting spectators for the last six miles. So the hardest part was the Energy Lab, and the next 3.5 miles was brutal.

Olympic Talk: Well, you reached your goal of breaking 10 hours.

Ohno: When I told a very close friend of mine who was a very, very good triathlete that I wanted to break 10 hours, he laughed. You can do it, but you need a full 12 months to properly engage your body and muscle fibers to switch from being a sprinter to becoming an endurance athlete. Olympic Talk: What lifestyle changes did you make to train for the Ironman?

Something is off and that small variation is a distraction all day. I don’t function the same way daily if I don’t get a workout in. This to me is the ultimate comeback without coming out of retirement.

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