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Website Kotaku said it investigated a tip that numbers, which in the game are supposed to be for quality pest control in post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh, connected to real adult chat lines and discovered the report to be true.

Neil Druckmann, the game's creative director, told the website the numbers were supposed to be fake."That was an artist's mistake," he said.

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The conceptual fulcrum for organising sex workers is the discourse or perspective of viewing sex workers as workers whose labour, whether emotional or erotic, is deemed to have two qualities.

It is of a sufficient level of moral legitimacy, and it has a social worth as a form of employment that are seen as to be seen to be comparable to other forms of labour and paid employment to be deemed worthy of, and acceptable, to organise.

But with the unionisation of sex workers, some of those who sell sex and sexual services are putting forward the claim to be ‘workers’.

If this is valid, then unionisation is open to them as much as it is to any other workers.

is without doubt the funniest and most outrageously true-to-life film made to date.

And I should know - I felt as though it was built around my life as a sex chat girl! The film is about two girls who, due to circumstance and against all odds, embark on a very successful sex chat line from their own home. The similarities between the film and myself are endless: from working for a company, then starting up their own sex chat line; using sex toys for sound effects; even the callers phoning from bizarre places such as taxis, offices and toilets at work; talking about stuff the girls have never actually experienced themselves; building a rapport with some of the regular callers (something which I myself have been 'doing' for over four years); the main character training her flat mate to talk dirty (as I have been training girls for the past year now); and, most surprisingly of all sharing writing with one of Kate's callers to which I have gone one step further and have written a book with one of my ex callers, Alix James! ) That's not to mention decorating going on while doing sex chat: I was actually filmed by Channel 4 as part of a documentary, painting my kitchen wall while taking a call with one of my regulars! They complimented each other beautifully in their clash of personalities.

Sex work is viewed as work that can be socially useful and can provide job satisfaction, personal fulfillment, empowerment and self-actualisation, so that becoming a sex worker can be a genuine life choice.

While sex workers are often responsible for the terms of the sale of their services, the ‘sex work’ discourse establishes that they are the labourers who create the service that can then be sold or exchanged.

Throughout many countries of the world in recent years, sex workers, ranging from prostitutes, escorts, and massage parlour workers, to strippers/exotic dancers/lap dancers, pornographic models, pornographic actors/actresses, and sex chatline telephone operators, have begun to be in trade unions for the first time. Since the rise of the women’s movement, and almost exclusively, the broad range of socialists, feminist socialists and radicals have viewed prostitution and pornography as either, or both the cause and consequence of women’s oppression, in general and sexism, sexual exploitation and sexual oppression in particular .

Consequently, the abolition of both prostitution and pornography has been viewed as essential to women’s liberation.

Australia’s strong prosperity, based largely on top Health (8th), Business Environment (7th), and Education (4th) performances, is on the wane.

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