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how your body language could instantly put you into the “friend zone” (and what to do about it)... Don’t miss this chance to see what all the fuss is about. Let’s master it together, starting with what Josh shares on this webinar.

"Jane Austen's witty, perceptive and romantic novels have delighted readers for two hundred years.

JANE AUSTEN'S GUIDE TO DATING rights that wrong and brings Austen's Regency wisdom into the twenty-first century.

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At this point you’re probably going to be all like, “I should totally use my mob connects to buy a huge mansion across the Sound from her place, throw lavish parties, and thus lure her away from this cretin.” Reasonable as this course of action may seem, spoiler alert: she’s never going to leave him.

You might do well to find yourself a nice companionable type who is ace at ironing crisp colorful shirts, instead. Lasting love is tough, and requires commitment for the long haul.

Even the happiest marriages hit rocky ground at some point. Don’t hang around if he or she is just not that into you. Particularly if you’ve lost your “get up and go” down below because of the damned war, but your former girlfriend still encourages you to hang around, get “tight,” and follow her as she flits to various European watering holes and cavorts with bullfighters and (even worse) new-money Jews. Forgive infidelity, but only if you really love the cheater.

For instance, if your wife grows resentful because you moved back to your hometown, then suddenly goes missing and then there are all kinds of crazy clues around the house that weirdly implicate you in her death, even though you swear you don’t have a violent bone in your body — well maybe just, like, your right tibia — you are probably going to wish you had an easy way out. You made a vow, and you’ve got to stick with this not-so-cool girl for life. At this point, you should take look in the mirror: what you see is a lame, lame human being. Again, a lot of bumps occur on the long road of a relationship. For instance, what if your wife has been cuckolding you with her manager, and all day long you wander the streets of Dublin, reveling in various forms of mental expression, masturbating by the seashore, and taking a route that weirdly parallels the Odyssey? You’re a good dude, and she is perhaps just overfond of the word “yes.” 5.

You can even find out how to gain the clearheadedness and confidence that Anne Elliot had and almost lost in Persuasion.

Full of wit and truly useful advice that has stood the test of time, Jane Austen's Guide to Dating will help readers overcome the nonsense and find the sense (and sensibility) to succeed in a lasting relationship.

With clear sight, common sense and good judgment, she observed the hits and near-misses of her heroes and heroines in love.

Dating certainly hasn't got any easier since then and Lauren Henderson believes that today's singletons might just have lost touch with the fundamental rules.

It’s a dating advice book culled from the Austen oeuvre, with chapters entitled things like “Dress Up,” “Find a Man, Not a Guy,” and “Be Quite Independent.” This witty, brief new guide is part of an “Austen advice” mini empire, coming on the heels of Elizabeth Kantor’s rather conservative Certainly, there is infinite wisdom to be culled from Austen (she remains my favorite author).

But if we’re continually going back to only one Regency-era authoress for all of today’s dating advice, we’re neglecting the rest of the canon!

bestseller, clearly rekindling a nation's fantasies of capturing the heart, and nipples, of Colin Firth' -- Independent 20051204 'A very clever, very well executed idea.

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