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Then, it is not really a good idea if you want to test updates or deploy them to multiple PCs in a network.Last but not least, it is also helpful if you want to install all updates and patches to a system before you connect it to the Web.

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Portable Update is a new program that works similar to other third party update downloaders.

What sets it apart however is that it can search Microsoft's update repository for missing updates so that you can download and install those only on the PC in question.

Best of all, one you load the created disk into a computer, It will autorun the application.

All you have to do is press Start and it will begin the patching process.

Microsoft ha preso questa decisione per "ragioni di sicurezza" ma senza chiarirsi ulteriormente.

Subito dopo che il progetto è stato chiuso, Kaladis ha deciso di continuare la produzione di Auto Patcher.

While that is a very comfortable thing to do, it is sometimes not the appropriate way of installing updates.

First, it won't work if the computer you want to update has no Internet connection or is isolated from it.

) Exclusions are defined in two different ways, which can be utilised together, or individually.

Automatic Exclusions are automatically loaded in via the internet (calls back to this project, to the files located within the 'exclusions' directory of this project).

Sviluppato da Antonis Kaladis e Jason Kelley, è una collezione esaustiva di patch di sicurezza, addon e tweak (trucchi) di registro raccolti in un unico pacchetto progettato per aggiornare un sistema Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista o Windows 7 SP1, da un file locale, senza la necessità di utilizzare Windows Update o collegarsi a una rete ogni volta.

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