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...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Land Down Under) NOT-FOR-US: Land Down Under CAN-2005-2673 (SQL injection vulnerability in in Wolt Lab Burning Board ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Burning Board) NOT-FOR-US: Burning Board CAN-2005-2671 NOTE: rejected CAN-2005-2670 (Directory traversal vulnerability in HAURI Anti-Virus products ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (HAURI) NOT-FOR-US: HAURI CAN-2005-2669 (Computer Associates (CA) Message Queuing (CAM / CAFT) 1.05, 1.07 ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Computer Associates) NOT-FOR-US: Computer Associates CAN-2005-2668 (Multiple buffer overflows in Computer Associates (CA) Message Queuing ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Computer Associates) NOT-FOR-US: Computer Associates CAN-2005-2667 (Unknown vulnerability in Computer Associates (CA) Message Queuing (CAM ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Computer Associates) NOT-FOR-US: Computer Associates CAN-2005-2666 (SSH, as implemented in Open SSH before 4.0 and possibly other ...) - openssh 1:4.0p1-1 (low) CAN-2005-2665 (Stack-based buffer overflow in expires.c in Elm 2.5 PL5 through PL7, ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (elm-me is no longer in unstable or testing) NOT-FOR-US: elm-me is no longer in unstable or testing CAN-2005-2664 (Whisper 32 1.16, and possibly earlier versions, stores passwords in ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Whisper) NOT-FOR-US: Whisper CAN-2005-2663 (masqmail before 0.2.18 allows local users to overwrite arbitrary files ...) - masqmail (low; bug #329307) CAN-2005-2662 (masqmail before 0.2.18 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary ...) @@ -888,25 888,25 @@ - lm-sensors 1:2.9.1-6etch1 (bug #324193; medium) CAN-2005-2653 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in BBCaffe 2.0 allows remote ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (BBCaffe) NOT-FOR-US: BBCaffe CAN-2005-2652 (Zorum 3.5 allows remote attackers to obtain the full installation path ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Zorum) NOT-FOR-US: Zorum CAN-2005-2651 (gorum/in Zorum 3.5 allows remote attackers to execute ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Zorum) NOT-FOR-US: Zorum CAN-2005-2650 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in in Emefa ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Emefa Guestbook) NOT-FOR-US: Emefa Guestbook CAN-2005-2649 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in ATutor 1.5.1 allows remote ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (ATutor) NOT-FOR-US: ATutor CAN-2005-2648 (Directory traversal vulnerability in in W-Agora 4.2.0 and ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (W-Agora) NOT-FOR-US: W-Agora CAN-2005-2647 (Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Xerox Micro Server Web ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre) NOT-FOR-US: Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre CAN-2005-2646 (Unknown vulnerability in Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre) NOT-FOR-US: Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre CAN-2005-2645 (Unknown vulnerability in Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre) NOT-FOR-US: Xerox Micro Server Web Server in Document Centre CAN-2005-2644 (Buffer overflow in Jaguar Edit in Isemarket Jaguar Control ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Jaguar Control) NOT-FOR-US: Jaguar Control CAN-2005-2643 (Tor and earlier, and experimental versions and ...) - tor (medium) CAN-2005-2642 (Buffer overflow in the mutt_decode_xbit function in Handler.c for Mutt ...) @@ -916,11 916,11 @@ - libpam-ldap 178-1sarge1 (bug #324899; unknown) CAN-2004-2483 (Kerio Win Route Firewall before 6.0.9 uses information from PTR queries ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Kerio Win Route Firewall) NOT-FOR-US: Kerio Win Route Firewall CAN-2004-2482 (Microsoft Outlook 20, when configured to use Microsoft Word ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Outlook) NOT-FOR-US: Outlook CAN-2004-2481 (My Proxy 6.58 allows remote authenticated users in the Users Tab to ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (My Proxy) NOT-FOR-US: My Proxy CAN-2004-2480 (Squid Web Proxy Cache 2.3.

STABLE5 allows remote attackers to bypass ...) TODO: check CAN-2004-2479 (Squid Web Proxy Cache 2.5 might allow remote attackers to obtain ...) @@ -928,27 928,27 @@ CAN-2004-2478 (Unspecified vulnerability in Jetty HTTP Server, which is included in ...) NOTE: "the original vendor report is too vague to know whether this issue is already identified by another CVE name." CAN-2004-2477 (Diamond CS Process Guard Free 2.000 allows local users to disable the ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Diamond CS) NOT-FOR-US: Diamond CS CAN-2005-2640 (Behavioral discrepancy information leak in Juniper Netscreen VPN ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Juniper) NOT-FOR-US: Juniper CAN-2005-2639 (Buffer overflow in Chris Moneymaker's World Poker Championship 1.0 ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (World Poker Championship) NOT-FOR-US: World Poker Championship CAN-2005-2638 (Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in PHPFree News ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (PHPFree News not in Debian) NOT-FOR-US: PHPFree News CAN-2005-2637 (Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in PHPFree News 1.40 and earlier ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (PHPFree News not in Debian) NOT-FOR-US: PHPFree News CAN-2005-2636 (SQL injection vulnerability in php in php Ads New ...) - phpadsnew (bug #226636) CAN-2005-2634 (Buffer overflow in the Log-SCR function in the " Log to Screen" feature ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Win FTP Server) NOT-FOR-US: Win FTP Server CAN-2005-2633 (Multiple PHP file inclusion vulnerabilities in (1) admin_o.php, (2) ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (PHPTB Topic Board not in Debian) NOT-FOR-US: PHPTB Topic Board CAN-2005-2632 (SQL injection vulnerability in login_admin_mediabox404in ...) - mediabox404 (bug #294397) CAN-2005-2631 (Cisco Clean Access (CCA) 3.3.0 to 3.3.9, 3.4.0 to 3.4.5, and 3.5.0 to ...) - NOTE: not-for-us (Cisco) NOT-FOR-US: Cisco CAN-2005-2630 NOTE: reserved CAN-2005-2629 @@ -962,34 962,34 @@ - kismet 2005.08.

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NET v3.4 End User 1828 KB 1/11/2005 AM File: Instant KBDev Non MSI1.31546 KB 1/21/2005 PM File: Instant KBEULNon MSI1.31483 KB 1/21/2005 PM File: Intechnic_In-Bulletin_v1zip 1742 KB 1116/2004 AM File: Ipixie 4628 KB 12/5/2004 PM File: JSPMaker_v1.0.0.24218 KB 4/4/2005 PM File: 1771 KB 7/24/2004 AM File: Javascript_Obfuscator_v2.01683 KB 35/2005 PM File: Jo Mo Easy Pay-Per-Click Search Engine v2.0 Pre-Release build 2319 KB 9/23/2004 AM File: Jo Mo Pay-Per-Click Search Engine 2.0 [Nullified - WTN]223 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Jo Mo Pay-Per-Click Search Engine v2.0436 KB 8/19/2004 AM File: Job2C_v2.2_243 KB 2/4/2005 AM File: Job Market 1[1].0 [Nullified]43 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Job_v1.0_zip 52 KB 2/23/2005 PM File: Join_Our_26 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Jomo_PPC_Search_Engine_v2age_39 KB 323/2005 AM File: Ktools_Spin360_v2.11004 KB 1/23/2005 PM File: LDU-build601683 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: LEP151. ZIP 3 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Ladder_System_and_Tourney.0293 KB 128/2004 AM File: Links SQL_v2.2.01798 KB 3/28/2004 PM File: Links_SQL2.1.21283 KB 8/27/2004 AM File: Linkz. 87 KB 9/5/2004 AM File: Orange_349 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Order Plus Web Host 328 KB 10/26/2004 PM File: P-Book_1.1724 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: P-Member_1.224 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: P-News_1.1655 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: PACPAY 209 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: PC_Builder_v.1.1120 KB 1/11/2005 PM File: PCdb_0.0.2182 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: PDFreports_v1.2.2246 KB 12/28/2004 PM File: PHP Expert Edit v3.12513 KB 9/10/2004 AM File: PHP Login Suite v2.3.26172 KB 11/1/2004 PM File: PHP v5.0.27539 KB 9/24/2004 AM File: PHP-Nuke_Platinum_v7.6.0zip 212 KB 718/2004 AM File: PHP-etag-v219 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: PHP.

PHP(Danish)3 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: List Mail_v1.6130 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Listings_Manager_v2.52Interactivetools_328 KB 1124/2004 PM File: Lite Web v2.4946 KB 7/10/2004 AM File: Lite Web_v2.51230 KB 3/31/2004 PM File: Live Help Windows 538 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Live Response_v2.1735 KB 12/10/2004 PM File: Locked_Area.v3_136 KB 9/12/2004 AM File: Logger X_v1.0213 KB 3/13/2005 AM File: Logi Hyiprating-hyipgold.n_Easebay_153 KB 1215/2004 PM File: Logo_12 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Lore 1.0.8355 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Lore_v1.5.4500 KB 2/27/2005 PM File: Lux 5 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: MAU - Php Auction PRO Plus 1[1].0 [Nullified - WTN]429 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: MHT_Quick_Saver_v3.2623 KB 1/5/2005 AM File: MP3 Stream Creator v1.0.2004.1051495 KB 1/11/2005 AM File: MTHphp 1 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: MXP_Flash_Forums_v2.6.4570 KB 1228/2004 PM File: Macromedia Shockwave Installer (Full)4633 KB 11/13/2004 PM File: Magic 5700 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Magic Mail2.1011 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Magic_Auto_47 KB 2/20/2005 AM File: Magic_News_Plus_v1.0.2v4.0.9b.644 KB 718/2004 AM File: Mambo_v4.5.23817 KB 3/26/2004 PM File: Manager in a Box v1.7.0200 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Math_Flash_v3.2953 KB 1/7/2005 AM File: Max Media Manager-v0.1.17-bv3.0541 KB 126/2004 PM File: Mine_The_Web_v3.0.r.6248 KB 3/4/2005 AM File: 22 KB 3/21/2005 AM File: 24 KB 3/24/2005 PM File: Mini_Site_Manager_v1.0.1..0.1340 KB 320/2005 AM File: Multi 39 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Multi_Forums_Pro_Host_v1.381 KB 11/27/2004 PM File: Music Box_v2.1639 KB 3/22/2005 AM File: Music Box_v2631 KB 3/24/2005 PM File: My Agenda.v2.0. 80 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: My FTP_112 KB 4/7/2005 PM File: My PMS_Pro_v1.23197 KB 2/8/2005 PM File: My SQL_Back Up_Pro_v1.0.8_PRE140 KB 11/7/2004 PM File: My SQLto TXTv12 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: My Web FTP_Hoster_v4.3.0.zizip 38 KB 227/2005 PM File: My_e Gallery 59 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: NKBright 1399 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKFashion 1375 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKGame 1756 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKGem 1222 KB 10/5/2004 AM File: NKGlobe 1193 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKNuked 1338 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKSearch 1218 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKServer 972 KB 10/5/2004 AM File: NKService 1082 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: NKSpecial 1584 KB 1/14/2005 PM File: Name Suppressed_Softener_v 1568 KB 811/2004 AM File: Net Juke_v1.0b161194 KB 2/20/2005 PM File: Net_Dict-0.25 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: New-Latest_News_(subdreamer)9 KB 3/20/2005 PM File: News Caster233 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: News PHP_2004_Retail_(NOT_Nulled)423 KB 323/2005 PM File: News PHP_466 KB 3/26/2004 PM File: News 57 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Newspro 3.7.353 KB 7/19/2004 AM File: 390 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Nuke Sentinel_v2.1.1_ _Up [GTT]149 KB 718/2004 AM File: One_Admin_Suite_v3.01549 KB 3/2/2005 PM File: Online Forced Matrix Multi Level Marketing 624 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Open Cube Quick Menu Pro Text Version v4.0 [Nullified]57 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Open Cube Quick Menu Pro v4.0 [Nullified]65 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Open Cube Vertical Scroller [Nullified]20 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Open Cube Visual Quick Menu Pro v5.1458 KB 8/18/2004 AM File: Open Cube_Quick Menu_Pro_v5.3_Image_ _Text_242 KB 123/2004 AM File: Opencube.

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File: (postnuke theme) E-Shop_215 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: (postnuke theme) X-(Ess)_390 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: 1-2-3_Music_511 KB 2/15/2005 PM File: 1-2-All_Broadcast_E-mail.m rar 10296 KB 27/2005 PM File: 200 ADDITIONAL PHP AND CGI 13437 KB 5/9/2004 AM File: 2118_PHP-Nuke_200 KB 2/3/2005 PM File: 2118_228 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: 2487_181 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: 24fun_77_Top Scripts_v1.02063 KB 24/2005 AM File: 2544_PHP-Nuke_508 KB 2/3/2005 PM File: 2544_500 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: 263 Commercial ASP, CGI, Perl and PHP 76665 KB 9/6/2004 AM File: 26_Banner_Exchange_Websites-Dot Com rar 8133 KB 27/2005 PM File: 2Advanced Flash Templates (Retail)16087 KB 10/30/2004 PM File: 2Checkout_Pro_v1.049 KB 12/9/2004 PM File: 24 KB 8/23/2004 AM File: 2p0p01616 KB 9/19/2004 AM File: 3384_PHP-Nuke_187 KB 2/3/2005 PM File: 3384_182 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: 362_ask_receive2070 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: 4043 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: 4Images_v1.7.1612 KB 3/12/2005 AM File: 4Level Webs Layer Genie v1.01753 KB 8/13/2004 AM File: 4_Click Bank_Search_Websitateway_v3.0.0313 KB 222/2005 PM File: ABC_CMS_v1.0122 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: ABC_Catalog_v2.090 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: ABC_Mail Manager_v3.0135 KB 1/10/2005 PM File: ABC_News Article_v1.0107 KB 12/9/2004 PM File: ABC_e Store_v3.5262 KB 12/9/2004 PM File: AC Knowldge Builder v2.2 [Nullified]238 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: AD 4 KB 1/8/2004 AM File: ADCenter_2000529 KB 4/3/2005 PM File: ADPSimple Guestbook1_017 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: AD_Master_v2.3.588 KB 12/4/2004 AM File: AINS00234 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: ALLSCRIPTS. 115 KB 1122/2004 PM File: All My Links0.2.023 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: All My Visitors0.1.617 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: All Needs 4548 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: All_Scripts_from_Cgi rar 808 KB 125/2004 AM File: Alligator SQL Enterprise Edition v1.30-2 (Multilingual)19415 KB 9/22/2004 AM File: Alm 122 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Alstra Soft Ad Tracker Pro v1.0123 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Alstra Soft Anti-Spam v2.1565 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Alstra Soft_Autoresponder_Pro_v2.01336 KB 4/4/2005 PM File: Alstra Soft_EPay_Pro_v2.0674 KB 12/4/2004 AM File: Alstra Soft_Live_Support_vp 932 KB 811/2004 AM File: Alumni_Manager_v1.0206 KB 2/16/2005 PM File: Amara Flash News Ticker v1.31644 KB 9/12/2004 AM File: Amazon_Shop_v1.1.0208 KB 2/19/2005 PM File: Andromeda_v1.9.344 KB 2/18/2005 PM File: Antechinus_PHP_Editor_v2. S0313 KB 1222/2004 AM File: BBDimension Premade Invertion 1468 KB 10/11/2004 PM File: 117 KB 11/24/2004 PM File: BOS_Directory_v2.50165 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: Band Admin v2.030 KB 11/14/2004 AM File: Bandadmin2.0b (nullified)_( KB 718/2004 AM File: Banner 222 KB 1/12/2005 PM File: Benchmark Manager in a Box v1.7.0 102 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Bernhard 113 KB 11/28/2004 PM File: Best Address HTML Editor 2005 Professional v7.1.36144 KB 11/17/2004 PM File: Better_Basket_Pro_Store_Builder_v1.5_©_i Mev1.0451 KB 1218/2004 PM File: 14 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Bla B! 6086 KB 220/2005 PM File: Download Control v1.0103 KB 10/24/2004 PM File: Download Tracker 2.03 KB 7/19/2004 AM File: Download-CGI-v2.44 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Download_System_v2.0_for_IPB_v2.0_179 KB 37/2005 PM File: Dream Account_v3.12574 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: Dream Host PRO v2.3(nullified)175 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Dynamic Flashbased Templates (ALL Retail)158508 KB 9/25/2004 AM File: Dz Soft PHP Editor v3.02829 KB 11/13/2004 PM File: E-Classifieds_Premium_Edition_v3.21022 KB 99/2004 AM File: E-Gold[1]11 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: E-Match Maker_v1.51731 KB 1/9/2005 PM File: E-shop v2.0051 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: EBay_Post-Sale_System_v124 KB 9/8/2004 AM File: EPal 86 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: EPhoto 187 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: ESC3111 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: ESFM-0[1].1.4-Build0916 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Easy File Sharing Web Server v1.24 2219 KB 4/4/2004 AM File: Easy IP 1.01 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Easy SMTP Server v2.4 by [ KB 6/23/2004 AM File: Easy Search 1.219 KB 7/19/2004 AM File: Easy. System.v1.1by.[GTT]136 KB 1122/2004 PM File: Easy Banner 33 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Easy Form It v1.0 (PHP) 163 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Easy Site Builder_172 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Easy Site_v13119 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Easy_host_v1.4nulled[1]122 KB 820/2004 AM File: Echo Articles v1.0a4353 KB 10/20/2004 PM File: Edgepanel. ZIP 248 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: Free VF_v211.0_nullified.znal_v4.41_Build_6553336 KB 312/2005 PM File: GB CJ 1.439 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: GB CJ 1.5.6144 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: GB CJ 1.565 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: GB Top 1.6127 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: GB-My 108 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: GT Links SQL Multilanguage v1.2 and 194 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: 9 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Gama Software_Gama Blog_Bet_v1.0167 KB 1220/2004 PM File: 21 KB 1/7/2005 PM File: Gamma 31 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Gene6 FTP Server v3.1.0.70 by [kopy****.net]4088 KB 6/28/2004 AM File: Geo Classifieds_Premier_v1ional_v1.2.11433 KB 312/2005 PM File: Ghost Driver_TGP_v0.4217 KB 11/26/2004 PM File: Go Cart v1.0405 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Go2Search_69 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Go Labs_Fast_Forms_v1.5.ra1.0785 KB 1231/2004 PM File: Group Mail_Secure_v2.068 KB 12/6/2004 PM File: Guardian_v1.05 KB 1/2/2005 PM File: Guest Book Host 12 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: HM-portal 3.1.2244 KB 9/6/2004 AM File: HM-portal 12 KB 9/6/2004 AM File: HTMLGate_v12.2.12057 KB 4/5/2005 AM File: HTML_Password_Lock_v2.80.49 KB 718/2004 AM File: HTTP_Proxy_5 KB 1/29/2005 PM File: 278 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: 441 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Hallmark Card Studio 2005 2144 KB 11/27/2004 AM File: Haute 705 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: Help Me Desk v1[1].0 (Nullified)131 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Help Me 131 KB 8/23/2004 AM File: Help Works Professional 1.3 [Nullified]191 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Help Works Professional v1.3312 KB 10/1/2004 AM File: Helpworkspro_v1.3_Nullifi_Image_(Behavior)14 KB 25/2005 PM File: High Yield Investment Program for e-Money (HYIPE) 2.593 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Hit Counter v2.0272 KB 11/21/2004 PM File: Hit_Counter_v2.0272 KB 11/22/2004 PM File: Hive Mail v1.3.21195 KB 11/16/2004 PM File: Hivemail_Skin_Aviatorskinr 250 KB 219/2005 PM File: Hivemail_v1.3.11961 KB 2/19/2005 PM File: Home Free_v3.26133 KB 12/3/2004 AM File: Home Freev3.26153 KB 8/30/2004 AM File: Host Admin v3.0 554 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Host Admin 3.0 Modules [Nullified]447 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: Host Admin_v3.1.1562 KB 2/19/2005 AM File: Host Director v1.0457 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Hot Door CADpatterns Vol 1 - for 1834 KB 10/28/2004 PM File: Hot Dates_v1.0409 KB 2/16/2005 AM File: Hot Links.1.1.nullified.[Ge_v2.35303 KB 222/2005 AM File: Html Edi Box v2.242 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Http Tracer_v3.0.6261 KB 1/7/2005 AM File: Hyip 350 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: Hyper 536 KB 8/14/2004 AM File: I Just Called To 908 KB 8/12/2004 AM File: I-Rater_Platinum_v3.2.11389 KB 14/2005 PM File: IA e Mail Server Corporate Edition v5.2.3 Build 10562221 KB 10/3/2004 AM File: ICS Cloaking v4.0127 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: ICS IP Spoofer v3.0 (Final)918 KB 8/5/2004 AM File: ICS_Cloaking_v4_nullified_[wst]139 KB 811/2004 AM File: IDev Affiliate_v4.0381 KB 2/28/2005 PM File: IPB v2.0.2 KB 9/6/2004 AM File: IPB v2Retail Skins (Ausvisage-Blue-Designer2Source)897 KB 1/30/2005 PM File: ISP Manager in a Box 1[1].7.0 [Nullified - TNO]102 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: 1997 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: Iban_v2.75.00042633 KB 1/7/2005 AM File: Icon Base Angular Stock Icons © rar 33098 KB 11/23/2004 AM File: Icon Buffet. Credit Card Validator.14 KB 8/11/2004 AM File: PHP. 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GROUNDBREAKCOMates_(Complete)7265 KB 126/2005 PM File: 3679 KB 8/10/2004 AM File: ANTS Load v1.60.45116877 KB 11/17/2004 PM File: 470 KB 7/18/2004 AM File: ARIDI Vol.01 - Initial Caps 5943 KB 10/3/2004 AM File: ARIDI Vol.02 - Initial Caps. 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3D Total Textures Vol 1A collection of image maps designed for texturing geometry in 3DApplications.

All image maps have been obtained from original photographyand captured via high quality film scanners.

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