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Other vocalists, like Tevin Campbell, Boyz II Men, Bobby Brown, Brandy and more, took the stage to perform some of his legendary hits.Fantasia was also among those who performed, giving live renditions of Whitney Houston’s “Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)” and White’s 1988 womens’ empowerment anthem, “Superwoman.” Following the performance, White hopped on Facebook to address her absence and concerns from fans. Everybody else was there, we wanted to see you.' "Good question, I don't know," White said.

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Your baby face will make every single bouncer and bartender wonder if you're just some kid trying to get her drink on.

I'll most likely be carded at my 40th birthday celebration.

Are they to be relegated to the B-team both professionally and romantically, doomed to be one-upped by square-jawed he-men sporting facial rainforests that rival the Amazon?

Or, can baby-faced men overcome their unfortunate youthful features? Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t done too poorly for himself, despite looking like a middle schooler at the age of 31.

’s Don Draper: sure, he’s talented and all, but he’s also unpredictable, prone to running off to California at a moment’s notice in the middle of important strategy meetings.

Still, the guy’s a corporate darling, and that’s at least partially due to his jawline.People complimenting you on your youthful look is great, but anytime these things happen, it is extremely frustrating.If you've been cursed with a baby face, you'll notice that no matter how much make-up you wear or how grown up you look in your pantsuit, you will still get carded.Some people say that getting carded constantly is a compliment.Unfortunately, when you're with a group of clients at a “closing the deal” dinner and you're the only one getting carded, things can get a little awkward.I think your fans are gonna (sic) be a little disappointed, but equally happy for you." Babyface, real name Kenneth Edmonds, divorced his first wife Tracey - the mother of his two sons - in 2005 after 13 years of marriage.

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