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Likewise we may be working with more than just digital versions of paper files, such as MS Office documents, CAD drawings and graphics files.

We can even run into the need for advanced features like document lifecycle management and workflow.

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Our highly-qualified developing team, identifies market needs and provides custom software solutions, which simplify complex procedures and automate everyday routines.

Based on our vast experience, we cover a wide range of solutions from simple GUI editors and functional enhancement of existing software, to solutions supporting multi-scheduling tasks.

With the AQUIOS CL, you now have the answer—a true load-and-go cytometer for clinical labs.

20 25 = Load-and-go speed and efficiency The ideal solution for routine, high-throughput applications The AQUIOS CL features full bi-directional Lab Information System (LIS) connectivity to auto-retrieve test requests without manual entry, worklists or middleware.

Forget massive development projects, most of our customers can integrate our services in less than an hour.

Sample preparation and data management usually are the major bottlenecks in routine flow cytometry.See what true load-and-go simplicity can bring to your lab Introducing the new AQUIOS CL with an integrated sample prep module, automated reagent monitoring and barcode scanning, continuous loading with pipeline sample processing, data analysis, bidirectional LIS connectivity and automated QC.The fast path to critical test results What would it mean if your lab could shorten turnaround times and minimize the potential for error in routine lymphocyte subset analysis?These features are especially important when regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley apply, to keep prying eyes away from critical information, and to limit liability by removing old docs once they've passed their business or regulatory prime.More information and side-by-side feature comparisons are available on our Document Management Comparison page.Our solutions cover different business aspects, from day-to-day lab processes of diverse complexity to remote interaction with designated devices.

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