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That has included defined benefit plans, 401k's, TSP's, 403b's and Keough plans.

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Converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA — and then undoing that move later— can also be done, but converting triggers taxes owed on the traditional IRA.

Non-spousal inherited IRAs generally can't be combined with other types of IRAs.

Make it easier to keep your portfolio balanced and diversified when you consolidate with one company that offers a broad range of investment choices.

Get more control and confidence too, especially when you consolidate with a company you can trust.

Prospective investors should confer with their personal tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of investing with Wealthfront and engaging in these tax strategies, based on their particular circumstances.

Investors and their personal tax advisors are responsible for how the transactions conducted in an account are reported to the IRS or any other taxing authority on the investor's personal tax returns.

If you have assets in a trust, be sure to consult an experienced estate attorney to make sure the beneficiary designation on the retirement accounts is in the correct name.

After sorting all that out, you'll need to decide if you also want to consolidate the number of entities holding your retirement accounts.

It seems that it would be easier for her if something would happen to us. Consolidating far-flung accounts can be a great relief, and not just for your daughter. You can't combine your IRA or 401k with ones in the name of your living spouse, for example.

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