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For her appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, she received a Rodial Award for Most Edgy Look.She is the daughter of Gary Wright and Sheila Teague, owners of Wright & Teague, a Jewellery company.

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Dick Gregory, 84, who became the first black stand-up comic to break the color barrier in major nightclubs in the early 1960s, a decade in which he satirized segregation and race relations in his act and launched his lifetime commitment to civil rights and other social justice issues, died Saturday. Gray III, who was the country's top-ranking African American elected official while serving in the House, died Friday, July 17, of heart failure at a care facility in Coral Gables, Fla. Rose, 88, an eminent biochemist at Fox Chase Cancer Center who shared the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry for codiscovering how cells break down unwanted proteins, died in his sleep Monday night at his son's home in Deerfield, Mass.

Vern Ehlers, 83, a research physicist and moderate Republican who represented a western Michigan congressional district for 17 years, died late Tuesday at a Grand Rapids nursing facility, Melissa Morrison, funeral director at Zaagman Memorial Chapel, said Wednesday.

Richard Gordon, 95, a British anesthesiologist who left the medical profession for a five-decade career as a writer, mining his memories of arrogant surgeons and hard-drinking doctors to comic effect in the popular 1952 novel Doctor in the House and more than a dozen sequels, died Aug.

Credit for being offbeat can only do so much to redeem a neither-fish-nor-fowl bore like “After the Dark,” whose exploitable elements go tastefully unexploited while its gestures toward profundity turn out to be playing air guitar.

This what-if fantasy, starring James D’Arcy as a philosophy instructor challenging young minds with successive doomsday scenarios, is talky, tedious and carelessly implausible even by its own rulebook.

The result feels like several discarded script ideas for “Lost” episodes, recast with young hotties and produced in Indonesia for tax purposes; genre fans lured in by the promise of sci-fi suspense are going to be very annoyed on the way out.LOS ANGELES - Character actor and radio personality Jay Thomas, 69, who became known to television viewers for his roles on Cheers, Murphy Brown, and most recently on Ray Donovan, has died at his home in Santa Barbara.Bea Wain, 100, who started singing on the radio at age 6, became a hit-making pop vocalist in the late 1930s, and performed into her ninth decade as one of the last surviving singers of prominence from the big-band era, died Saturday at an assisted-living community in Beverly Hills, Calif.It’s like a bratty child repeatedly yelling, “I win because of invisible superpowers I just made up! Beyond being petulant, silly, and non-educational, his classroom behavior is about as professionally credible as that of movie psychoanalysts who are forever sleeping with (or murdering) their clients — a comparison all too apt by the soap-operatic fadeout here.This interfering factor gets more objectionable when the same scenario is replayed with fresh changes that render sexual preferences and fertility status a major issue.In the forthcoming film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she and Harry fall for one another, and their relationship proves more durable than his earlier ill-fated fling with Cho Chang.

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