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The dating app, which is owned by Match Group (mtch), is adding gender options and more dating preferences in the next month or two.

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And, if they are genderqueer, use the pronouns they want you to use.

Don't stop talking to someone just because you realize they identify as trans. Do ask them questions if you feel uneducated about trans issues and trans identity. Trans individuals face a disproportionate amount of violence than their heterosexual cisgender counterparts on dating sites.

The app is struggling to combat the transphobic actions of some users.

Transgender individuals are reported by individuals who do not understand that a they have the right to be on Tinder just as much as a cisgender individual.

Dating for me has always been like a tight rope, you have to stay on track, adapt to the path and don't make waves or else you will plummet.

This episode really shines a light on what we go through as trans women.

left the politics behind, but we moved on to the other major eye roll subject for me…dating. Dating is tricky for everyone, even if you are cis, but it gets even more complicated when you are trans.

It adds a whole new set of obstacles when you're trying to get to know someone, but most of the time, the "getting to know someone" part never even happens for a trans girl.

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