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Privilege has long been associated with skin tone in the African-American community.This is related to the enslavement of individuals based on race. Especially when you really want to “do it” for them? Are we even allowed to admit that rejection whether implied or explicit hurts our feelings/ego? Shebi we supposed to be all stoic and robotic and always on the “Bad bitch/nigga” P… you have to weigh the pros & cons and see how it adds value and benefits you.yada yada. I realize that they probably have no intent from the jump of getting to know that person truly; it was just “I’m bored, he’s available, I get to dress up” and this to me is the fundamental difference.

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Robbers attacked my home 2 weeks ago and even as I type this, I haven’t quite recovered from the trauma of that experience. So in the aftermath, I had to deal with the madness of house-hunting and moving and all it’s hectic trimmings; not forgetting to factor in the general uselessness of the Nigerian police in scenarios like this; plus the fact that the work front has been pretty tough too dealing with a very unpleasant week of unavoidable office politics. This is why when I got asked out on a date this weekend, I didn’t even think twice…. My date and I are talking, vibing and all that good stuff when he asked me a simple question – “What turns you on in a man? My response clearly had him confused for a bit but thankfully, he didn’t pursue the conversation further and I happily enjoyed the rest of my evening with a hug goodbye. Questions like “what turns you on” are right up there on the level of “what is your favourite colour/food” type question for me. I have been on many a date this year already and I intend to go on more because I made this year my year of “recreational dating” even though I’ve protested it in the past so I thought that perhaps it’s time to save myself and all my prospectives’ time and roll out this blueprint – a copy of which will be saved and handy for quick dissemination to anyone who is interested in me. As a teenage girl growing up, if you ever asked me what I looked out for in a man, the typical “he has to be tall, dark & handsome” would not have been my response. Just know that I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to circle back here but I truly needed that time-out and I missed you guys a lot. One thing I tend to take for granted is my overall good health; the worst illness I usually have is flu of which I may have a bout of maybe once or twice tops in a year.

When I tell you guys I have had a crazy couple of weeks, believe me! Life steady serving me a tall cocktail of a shit-storm; all the demands of my responsibilities didn’t even pause for a second for me to catch my breath but….. So when I tell you I was looking forward to this 5 day Easter break with every fibre of my being, I truly was. The date itself was alright, great for the much needed break/distraction so win. Reliability Now I know without a doubt that he was trying to steer the conversation to a more sexual place but I was Obtuse Onyinye for the night. If I had to explain why I’ve been so quiet on here, you’d definitely understand and maybe even feel sorry for me but let’s not go down that path okay?

They called time on their 11-year relationship in September last year.

But now, Australian actress Naomi Watts, 48, is reportedly furious with her ex Liev Schreiber, 49, for breaking a pact not to date anyone publicly for a year.

It’s “I want to get to know this person”; too bad if it doesn’t pan out well but I just don’t come at it from the jump with the intention to just play as is the case nowadays. I like to think I’m a complete representation of myself on any platform – virtual or real life – but it seems most people aren’t a lot of the time and maybe this is the issue!

Its like you’re meeting a different representative of themselves per different scenarios and its really mind boggling to me how people keep these many personas up. A person who will tolerate a little bit of discomfort and stick it out just so they don’t come across as dodgy.… • INTEGRITY ɪnˈtɛɡrɪti/ [noun] Although closely related to reliability, Integrity is a tad different but just as important as the first. The only downside I’d say I’ve noticed is that with short hair, there can’t be that many “no makeup” days lest you end up looking like you’re sick. This makes me happy because even in the worst of it, I knew that my rebellion & anger wasn’t the way but I can be so stubborn… God must sometimes look at me with amusement while shaking his head like “this child is such a clown”*hides face* Anyways, in the midst of all of this and with me being in such an emotionally/spiritually pleasant head space, when I found out that 4th December was the official Thanksgiving Service in my church, I started preparing for it weeks prior – counting my blessings and putting on the garment of praise & thanksgiving. We literally roll out in our “sunday bests” and party it up in thanks to Jesus and I for one was not going to carry last. Twitter: GBThe Blog Instagram: GBThe Blog Snapchat: Gorgeousbskin Also, don’t forget to subscribe on the top right corner of this page and share with your friends if you’re so inclined.This trait is what separates the boys from the men; it sieves out the chaff and leaves the gems. the hair is way too bad ,you need to cut it *lol* It’s exactly a week today and I’m LOVING IT!! When the water hits my head and trickles all the way down my back, I can’t help but wonder to myself why I waited so long to do this. I normally don’t wear makeup everyday [even when I’m going out] but with this new haircut, I have to at least fleek the eyebrows and dust my lips before I go out and that’s problematic for me [speaking as someone who doesn’t wear makeup everyday]. The moment I heard, I immediately knew I was going to go fully dressed as a Tiv Woman – repping my culture. Kwase Tiv Save for the random cultural night in undergrad, this is the first time in my proper adult life that I dressed in my Tiv cultural attire and so it meant a lot to me that so many people loved it; it was truly a hit virtually & in real life. perhaps I should dress like this more often [when appropriate]. Except you’ve been living under a rock; you already know that the latest thing to have taken over the world is Pokemon Go!As a matter of fact, I am typing this post from the peace and quiet of my new home [in a much more secure place]. I’d be like – “It rained dogs today” and he’ll be like “you mean dogs fell from the sky? So instead of asking “what is ABC”, try having a conversation that will lead to ABC being shared without the person feeling like they’re being put on the spot. Basic has never been enough, I’ve always wanted more. So even though that guy asked what turns me on in a guy; I’ll remix it for the purposes of this post. I even discussed this a little in a previous post about my love language and nothing has changed since then. It truly put things in perspective because none of those things compare to life & good health; and seeing how quick/easy the tables can turn was a very humbling/teachable moment for me.There is NOTHING sexier than a person whose word you can take to the bank! All I advice is that you do your research prior – look at countless pictures of people with your face/body type rocking different short hair styles, ask your loved ones to help you pick, speak with stylists etc. Like what is the worth of those plans, those wants, those needs if there isn’t life or if you’re laying on a hospital bed unable to function? On another note, if you’ve read this blog long enough, you know that I constantly fight with God and I’m very open/vocal about those moments on here. It’s a waste of my time honestly and I find it quite upsetting.

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