Browser not updating css

Hi so something is either wrong with my browser,computer, or server.

The problem is when I made changes in my css file it won't reflect in firefox when I refresh the page. In all other browser website working fine and also changes are reflected as it should, only firefox creating problems since last some days.

5) DOM storage is also enabled 4) Also formatted the PC (for other reason :)) and installed Firefox on fresh system but after that also no luck I'm using latest firefox.

When I make changes and refresh the page the changes are not reflected.

When I clear the browser history and cache the changes are still reflected.

You have figured out how to write a post, how to make a few categories, and maybe even add a plugin or two. Sometimes when you first visit a web page, it takes a while to load.

But then after you make a few changes in your Word Press content or your design, you notice that nothing has changed. But then the next page you visit within that site doesn't take quite so long.

A number of common factors can cause this behavior, such as: browser caching, server-side caching, caching plugins, and making changes in the incorrect location in the file system.

This is because--in an effort to be helpful--your web browser stores the web page information on your computer.

There were lots of great comments on the CSS Caching article.

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