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During the early 1840s Rae had led four major Arctic expeditions, travelling more than 23,000 miles, and when the Admiralty sent Sir John Richardson to investigate the disappearance of the 1845 Franklin expedition, Rae's skills proved too invaluable to ignore.

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Shawn’s streak of successful singles lasted into the mid-‘90s with his first, and last, release for Uptown Records, “Dom Perignon.” But a careful inspection of the lyrics to that seemingly innocent party starter revealed that one of the ‘90s most “fun” artists was actually living a much different life out of the booth than the good-time vibes of his songs would suggest.

Little Shawn’s other life began being exposed to the Hip Hop masses in the early morning hours of November 30, 1994, after Shawn’s manager, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond (also known then as “Booker”), arranged to have Tupac Shakur come to the Quad Studios in midtown Manhattan to record a song with his client.

The young Brooklynite continued cranking out mostly carefree fare for the females on his sole full-length release in 1992, the Howie Tee helmed .

With major-label backing courtesy of Capitol Records, the album’s salacious lead single, “Hickeys On Your Chest,” became a staple of early ‘90s Rap video shows.

All of my work since has been shot on other photographic gear, with no link to Jon.

'His public revelation of this case comes as a direct retaliation to me receiving recognition for my work, something he comments on himself.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal Bryce Wilson's amazing dusk shoot above the Melbourne skyline was captured on ,000 worth of camera gear which he removed from Melbourne photographer Jon Grundy's home last year.,000 worth of his camera gear was found inside the home of Bryce Wilson (above) home and despite facing burglary charges, Mr Grundy said Wilson is still profiting from photographs that were taken with the stolen equipment But Mr Grundy continued to monitor Wilson’s social media accounts and discovered that Wilson had posted several images that he claimed were taken with his new Canon 5D - and he was selling the prints for .

Mr Grundy immediately notified police of the new electronic evidence that confirmed Mr Grundy’s camera was used to take Wilson’s published works, giving police enough to obtain a warrant to search Wilson’s residence where they found Mr Grundy’s camera equipment.'I made a sincerely regrettable mistake, one for which I am sorry.

The cause of the shock death of Bryce Cartwright's troubled ex-girlfriend will be revealed by an autopsy after her body was discovered at her western Sydney home.

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