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The painting was conserved by a well-known Korean restorer and framed as it is seen today.

When Mattielli and his wife, Sandra, moved back to Oregon in 1985, the —just in time for the painting to be examined by a team of visiting scholars from the Korean National Research Institute for Cultural Heritage (NRICH).

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Photos by: Rinzan Pechonik, Sakula Mary Reinard, Jessica Swanson, John Wadsworth In the near-decade since the Great Recession began, we have seen the business landscape across the Pacific Northwest shift shapes from competition and individuation to space sharing and incubation.

One might have seen a screen printer taking up residence in the corner of a coffee shop, an attorney renting a vacant office in a newspaper, or a graphic designer settled in a small grocery’s back room.

So, too, has there been a trend toward religious groups of all denominations sharing, renting and offering space to each other.

And while this trend is prominent now, it draws upon historical precedent and values dating back to the time of the Buddha.

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Oregonian Robert Mattielli lived in Seoul for three decades, during which time he often visited the cluster of antique shops in Mary’s Alley (Anguk-dong).

He purchased a tattered and folded Five Buddhas painting in the early 1970s, a time when many temples were refurbishing their worship halls, and Buddhist paintings often appeared on the market.

Each group has been able to expand its base of members and volunteers and add or grow programs.

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