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“The charge will drive more households to contact these organisations to remove their waste as that route will remain free of charge,” the report says.“A proportion of the income generated through the introduction of a charge will be used to support the work of local reuse organisations to help ensure a sustained presence in the city.”The YEP reported earlier this year that the city has landed eighth in a national league of shame of flytipping hotspots, with clean-up costs for one recent year soaring past £1million.

The number of incidents of flytipping reported to Leeds City Council last year also surged to more than 16,000, a five year high and more than DOUBLE the fines for 2013/14.

That means most of the ports are now gone, including the full-size USB ports, ethernet, the HDMI port, and GPIO pins.

N O D E soldered on two more micro-USB ports to try and make up for it, which join the original micro-USB port (used for power) and the micro-SD card reader.

Fears were raised that the introduction of the new charge for bulky waste collections could damage efforts to clean up Leeds neighbourhoods already plagued by flytipping.

However Leeds City Council insisted the fee will not impact on or increase flytipping, and it is the only large regional council offering a free service.

Initial demos show a coffee shop’s price list materialising on a blank slate (pictured, top), squiggly lines dancing across a store window display, and a cactus undulating with decorative pulses of light.

Augmented reality has so far often been delivered through a wearable device: Microsoft’s Holo Lens uses a headset, and the much-hyped Florida-based start-up Magic Leap is expected to launch its AR headset later this year.

A new generation of high-speed trains is being designed to accommodate the expanding girths of British passengers.

“Customers are changing,” said Chris Rayner, managing director of railway operations at the HS2 high-speed rail network, in a presentation to rail industry executives.

“We’re getting bigger.” The prospect of wider seats and more generous legroom will thrill any long-limbed traveller who has experienced the spillover effect of passengers too broad for standard seats.

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