Can i use my ps3 as a live adultwebcam

Here is a list of cameras with macam support indicated.

Remember that this list is necessarily incomplete and not always up to date; so please try the macam application with your camera before abandoning hope.

Various accessories for the Play Station 3 video game console have been produced by Sony.

Microphone works too, though you may need to choose the Input device in System Preferences Sound.

Microphone may suffer from "clicking sound" issue (see source/linux/ bug/151890 ) Worked perfectly out of the box for all but Skype.

The component is the actual driver that allows other applications to access the video-stream.

(note: i Chat does not recognize most USB webcams unless you install i Chat USBCam - this is shareware unrelated to macam) Many thanks to the spca5xx/gspca Linux webcam driver project, especially Michel Xhaard and friends.

On properties, click on 'Advanced' and tick the box that says 'Allow other users to Connect through this computers internet connection' 3- You will get a little message that comes up that says that you must redial your internet connection. Make sure you've got the ethernet plugged in properly, and scroll to the 'Network settings' tab, under 'Settings'. Go to network connections, go to your default internet connection properties. Go to the last tab and check an option that says: share this connection, then a drop down field let you select the local area connection that can receive the connection, select the local area connection where you plan to conect your PS3. which gives me a choice of manual,automatic or pppoe ? then it asks for me to set the dhcp host name and gives me the choice to set or not to set if I should set it what should I set it as and what does it mean. Thankshi wazza please help us were using a 3 dongle and we get suceeded on i.p address but not internet connect it soo annoying as weve been trying 4 at least 2months were using an ethernet cable and also a homehub as a router we cannnot find i.p without home hub ive tried wired and wireless the dns error comes up with that long no n I changed my dns settings on comp and ps3 from oopen dns please help resistance n tiger r waitin 2 b playd online!!!!!!!!

Select "Internet Connection Settings", and click X. then asks for dns setting do I pick manual or automatic then asks for mtu should I pick automatic or manual the it asks if I want to use a proxy server then whether I should enable or disable the upnp. any suggestions xhey wazza im trying and trying and it isnt working when I get my ip adress it comes up with 3 things auto.

Other Webcams with this chip should work in a similar way!

This camera was added to Karmic kernel 2.6.31-18-generic via gspca support. Need to set the environment variable before running; LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libv4l/v4l1skype Basically, you need to set that environment variable before running any application that uses this webcam.

I have a friend whom says he connected his PS3 to the internet via networking to a USB Mobile Modem Vista PC, but for the life of me I can't work out how to do it!!!!! I was checking out this forum on how to connect the ps3 to the internet, and I read what you said. If it's not too much trouble, please send me an email to [email protected] directions to connect my ps3. hi waza i have got a usb 02 mobile broadband and when I follow your instructions to select easy internet connection setting afterwards it asks multiple questions of ip address settings?

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