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The choir usually performs at full capacity with 18 members.

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The Disney part comes in as users can answer Disney-related questions and share favorite Disney moments, to make sure their Disney opinions don't clash with prospective lovers.

Instead of filling out your favorite food, movie, and book, you can let other users know things like your favorite Disney song, your favorite prince or princess, and all your other earthly Disney delights.

If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, your thrusters are probably already in hyperdrive in anticipation of the release of the next installment of the franchise, “The Force Awakens,” which opened Thursday night. You can also listen to the original Star Wars review that aired on NPR in May 1977—it is hilariously stated, to say the least.

It is hard to imagine the films without the entire subculture of cosplay, props, toys, videogames, books and action-figures that come with them. In 1977, while Marsh was working for KTVI, he had the opportunity to interview some largely unknown actors for a little film with a budget of $11 million called “Star Wars: A New Hope” on the scene in Hollywood. Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford as well as producer Gary Kurtz, who famously professionally split with George Lucas mid-way through the original series during "The Empire Strikes Back." Marsh was flown to Hollywood by the production studio before the films premiered to interview the cast in a speed-dating-like format. “Star Wars is eye-popping, mind-spinning, ear-piercing, bubble-blowing adventure,” begins Tom Shales’ review.

Did Richard Gere or Hugh Jackman have gambling debts?

It would have been fun in a sadistic way to put a camera on the actors as they watched the finished film for the first time and tremblingly called their agents.The most magical dating app on earth is called Mouse Mingle, which is something you might have to overlook if you find the idea of speed dating a giant mouse creepy.Mouse Mingle was created by Disney stan Dave Tavres, and like most dating apps relies on a picture and information sharing format to hook up prospective princes and princesses, princes and princes and princesses and princesses (even though the Disney universe isn't exactly mardi gras, the app is much more inclusive of the LGBTQ community).I need to say at this point that I love everything about Movie 43 except the movie.I love scatological comedy — the squirmier the better — and I love the idea of big stars taking a day or two out of their busy schedules to work blue in a naughty revue.It is safe to say the franchise has done much more than simply left audiences applauding. Louis Public Radio employees may also be the tiniest bit obsessed with the franchise ourselves.

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