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If they were honest, they would have the confidence to give just one reason.

They make mistakes in the story and try to cover it and it causes them to stumble in their speech.

Take Melanie (not her real name), a sixteen-year-old Greenwich Village student, who spent up to seven hours a day updating her Face book page and instant messaging with friends.

Most stories about adolescents and the internet underscore the very real dangers of cyberbullies, sexual predators, and on-line scams that imperil unsuspecting, vulnerable teens. All of this access can be dangerous; those who abuse the internet can become trapped in a cyber riptide of sorts, pulled in further and further as their time on-line increases, their school performance declines, and their family and peer relationships begin to suffer.

However, due to the distance and Edward's paranoia, he was unwilling to make the trip over to New York.

This meant our contact there was unable to arrest him, due to Edward living in Massachusetts.

FARMINGTON — Approximately 4 percent of teenagers between ages 12 and 17 who own a cellphone say they have sent a sexually suggestive image to other people via a text message, according to numbers provided to Bloomfield High School students during a presentation earlier this week by an outreach program adviser for the state Office of the Attorney General.

That is a problem for teenagers because it can affect their reputation and could possibly lead to criminal charges, according to Patrick Stewart, the outreach program adviser. Some police forces are trained to watch for this very mistake when interrogating criminals. Their stories are too complex, structured, polished or complete. They do this to make sure you believe them, but think about it. They try to exaggerate how close you are by leaning forward when they lie. Unfortunately, that won't be the case in Edward Rozmiarek's case.

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