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The grey goose is gone and the fox is on the town-o, town-o, town-o!

" Crying, "John, John, the grey goose is gone and the fox is on the town-o!

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1260–1294) was the final step for the Mongols to rule the whole of China under the Yuan dynasty.

It is also considered the Mongol Empire's last great military achievement.

Through the East Asian waters its neighbouring countries have since early times on maintained networks of trade and exchange relations.

Historically, these waters constituted not only a kind of border or natural barrier but from very early times on also a medium facilitating all kinds of exchanges and human activities, a medium through which in particular private merchants but also governments and official institutions established contacts with the world beyond their borders.

With this development came pollution: China is now the world's largest producer and consumer of coal, on which it relies for energy.

And extensive dam building to produce hydroelectricity has displaced whole villages and towns. Despite the country's tremendous economic growth, the government still maintains strict control over dissidents. "China's Instant Cities." (March 2000), 116-137. National Geographic Atlas of China, National Geographic Society, 2008.

1800)” at Emory University, Atlanta, USA, International Conference “Sea Rovers, Silk and Samurai: Maritime China in Global History”, 27–, .

The Fox is a traditional folk song (Roud 131) from England.

Other Resources The Chinese central government's official Web portal An authorized Chinese government website China Daily (the state-run, English-language newspaper) China From the Inside.

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