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Too weak to speak clearly, "Give me my glasses," he had written on a piece of paper.

He had received them, put them down, and sunk into unconsciousness from which he glided almost imperceptibly into death. For some time, his daughter Clara and her husband, Ossip Cabrilowitsch, and the humorist's biographer, Albert Bigelow Paine, had been by the bed waiting for the end, which Drs.

Victory Lane is getting to be a great habit for the Martinez Motorsports crew. After starting 12th in the Feature, he picked off cars one by one. Stayed in second for 12 laps passed the leader in traffic and never looked back! That is exactly what Ryan has been doing....going to the front! CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN DAVIDSON ON YOUR FIRST A FEATURE WIN!!!! Noah Burlison knows how to get his Factor 1 car around I-30 Speedway.

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It is now ascertained with reasonable certainty that two assassins were engaged in the horrible crime, Wilkes Booth being the one that shot the President, who was at tending a performance at Ford’s Theatre, and the other, a companion of his, whose name is not known.

It appears from a letter found in Booth’s trunk that the murder was planned before the 4th of March, but fell through then because the accomplice backed out until “Richmond could be heard from.” Booth and his accomplice were at the livery stable at 6 o’clock last evening, and left there with their horses about 10 o’clock. He lapped at least 10 cars and Jason ended up with the WIN!!! In the Nonwing he started 19th and took home the WIN!!! Brockton is a very smooth driver and definately knows his way around the track! Avery has improved every time he has been on the track. He has been Winnig in the Nonwing Class on a pretty regular basis. They will doing some traveling this season and checking out other race tracks. His son Dylan competes in the Restrictor Class and came home in 5th place this weekend... CONGRATULATIONS PRESTON ON YOUR FIRST RESTRICTOR CLASS WIN!!!! His car has the right setup, and the driver has the drive to get him there. He knows how to take his car around the track and move in and out of traffic. No longer than this young man has been in racing, you can tell he is going to be one to watch. Alex Sewell took home the hardare in the A Class and Nonwing Class at Creek County Speedway on April 15. Brian Davison took his #48 Factor 1 to the Winners circle this weekend. Blake Battles is a fun driver to watch on the track. Blake started out in quarter midget and moved up to the Jr Sprints. Blake has now moved up to the A Class and is on his way to showing everyone what he can do. Jason's car had the perfect setup and Jason was giving it 100%. Two thirds of the way through the race, Jason was picking off lapped cars right and left. In the A Class Jason started 19th and worked his way up to finish 5th. Bryan Davidson traveled back to 3D Raceway in Haskell, OK this weekend and parked it in Victory Lane. Brockton started out in the Restictor Class where he claimed several Victories and now has moved up to the A Class where he continues to show everyone that he means business in the race car. Avery Goodman takes home his 2nd A Feature Wins in 2 weeks. Jerimiah Congrautlations to 2nd generation racer, Avery Goodman on his first career micro sprint A Class, A Feature WIN!!! He took several family members to the Winner Circle with him after his interview. Jerimiah runs in the Non Wing Class and the Outlaw Class each week. He was very successful in the Jr Sprint last year, and gave up that ride to his younger brother. This young man has his sights set on Winning every race he is in. WHAT A WAY TO START THE YEAR AS A JR SPRINT ROOKIE!!! This little man is going to be one of the ones to watch this season. Alex also competes in Sprint cars and picked up the Win at Lawton in the OCRS series.It would seem that they had for several days been seeking their chance, but it was not carried into effect until last night. One of them has evidently made his way to Baltimore. Two gentlemen, who went to the Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, to apprize him of the attack on Mr.Lincoln, met at the residence of the former a man muffled in a cloak, who, when accosted by them, hastened away.WTF Tattoo posts new photos of funny tattoos daily.

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