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However, dating that person three desks away is another matter entirely. Colleagues can be quick anyway to feel they deserve a pay rise or promotion more than the next person – when personal feelings get involved, jealousy can strike.

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Alas, you are too busy working to be looking for love.

After all, who would want to meet up with you when your only free time is post-office hours a couple of nights a week?

Read more: Red roses and thorny issues: The rights of office romance In the unfortunate situation that your relationship breaks down, it may cause friction in the workplace, particularly if the split was acrimonious or one of you feels you’ve been badly treated by the other.

Some companies have even gone so far as to introduce “love contracts”, limiting their liability in the event of sexual harassment claims resulting from relationships that have turned sour.

He is a director over a team that analyzes sales and I work in a department that is in charge of making sure quality products get produced, so we do not work together but we do work out of the same office.

There’s not a very good chance that he would have recognized me when he was swiping, but his department is one that I’m interested in applying to (and to make this more interesting, a position for a sales analyst has opened up recently). Do I message him and acknowledge the situation and that it’s a bit awkward, or do I let the match expire without contacting him and hope that he doesn’t recognize me when I apply for his team? Online dating has become so ubiquitous that you might indeed see a coworker or client on a dating site or app from time to time.

A shared work life will provide endless conversation starters during that awkward first date stage, and huge scope for gossip as well as moaning about your shared boss or workload.

Additionally, you’ve both chosen a similar career path, and are therefore likely to have similar interests and aspirations. Should: The convenience factor Let’s face it, who really has time to meet people the old-fashioned way?

But if you have strong feelings for someone, someone you already know inside out, then why would you throw obstacles in your own path? Yes, even in the best case scenario there’s an awkward period where you both have to adjust to a new and strange dynamic while your other housemates/colleagues/friends watch you both like you’re their new favourite reality TV show. But if this person is really a friend, then at least it’ll be the gentlest rejection you ever get.

And it might also be the most liberating rejection you ever get – there’s nothing quite like finally giving up that torch you’ve been holding and suddenly noticing all the other options available to you.

But, on the other hand, this could actually be something special.

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