Conscious dating online

This podcast episode includes the introduction to our new dating site (yay!) plus a recording of an old teleclass on compatibility, and what important elements of compatibility are.

Libes told Geek Wire last week that the goal is to become a global facilitator to make these kinds of investments happen. In about two months 85 people and groups have signed up.

Libes and Eldridge invited numerous impact investors from around the world.

Are you frustrated or turned off by online dating sites like or OKCupid?

Or have you been uncomfortable with online dating, period, but you don’t want to stay single forever?

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There are spiritual dating sites on the internet that will help you find spiritually aware singles that are ready to be in uplifting relationship.

David Steele has made a significant contribution to the world of relationships by mapping two previously foreign countries- consciousness and dating, bringing them together at last in this customized guide. Married and divorced twice, he has learned from his own personal as well as professional experiences.

Once you have cultivated self-love you are ready to get better results.

If feel you are ready to meet your spiritual life partner and do not have the time nor do not know the place where they congregate, the internet offers a safe place for you to look.

Packed with practical strategies that really work, Conscious Dating is THE book for helping singles navigate the dating world. This book helped me find my soul mate who I am very happily married to now.

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