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Consolidation has has plenty of supporters in the Catlin and Jamaica school districts, and those supporters turned out at public question and answer sessions held by the districts in early October. Members of the Thrive For Better Education Committee handed out anti-consolidation flyers at a meeting at the Jamaica High School gym on October 8th.Jamaica parent and Thrive Committee member Jared Fritz wants his school district to consider other options --- including other potential partners, before going ahead with this one.Board members receive no monetary compensation for their service.

You’re worried about academics and whether she’ll fall in with the wrong crowd; she’s concerned about getting lost in the hallways and what she’ll wear on the first day.

The transition to middle school is challenging -- it comes at a time when adolescents already cope with physical and emotional changes.

Within its boundaries are all parts of the Village of Millstadt, a small area of the City of Belleville, and growing subdivisions in unincorporated St. A fleet of District owned buses transport students throughout the District.

The District is governed by seven-member elected Board of Education.

The school supplies list information provided within this site is a general or comparable school supplies list.

It is a recommended list only and may not exactly match the school supplies your child may need.

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The last change in District 160 boundaries occurred in 1965. The trend to consolidate was a part of a nation wide trend to form school districts capable of offering more comprehensive programs and services.

The consolidation of rural districts continued throughout the 1950’s. Our District is largely rural with moderate growth in its enrollment.

160 was formed in 1948 with the consolidation of the Village of Millstadt School and four area rural schools to form a larger district. 160 is over half the square mileage of the Belleville Township High School District.

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