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This area uses the same formatting as shipping zones.

A coupon's duration applies on a per-customer or per-subscription basis, starting when the coupon is applied to the customer or subscription.

Select whether you want to limit the location to one or more countries, states/provinces, or postal/zip codes.

Zip codes should be entered on each line, and can use wildcards.

Coupon codes are a great way to convert visitors to shoppers, and can help you reward customers who have signed up for your newsletter or left feedback on your contact page.

Coupon codes are different from other promotions like sale pricing and cart-level discounts in that they require shoppers to enter a predetermined code or phrase at checkout.

Finding your soulmate is one of the toughest but most exhilarating journeys you can go through in life.

To help, Groupon Coupons has a great range of promo code, discounts, coupon codes and coupons to help you with your journey. Key = "sk_test_BQokik JOv Bi I2Hl Wg H4olf Q2" params := &stripe. New(params) Once you’ve created a coupon, create a discount by applying the coupon to a subscription.Important: Dates should be entered by using the DATE function, or as results of other formulas or functions.Go out of your comfort zone and take part in events with other singles!Hit the seas on a cruise, do an urban race with scavenger hunt, rock climbing, or happy hour. is one of the best ways to meet new people online with the site matching hundred and thousands of new couples each year.Coupon codes can be more focused than other promotions since they can limit by country and shipping method. However, it can be combined with discount rules or free shipping promotions. Coupon advanced settings will allow you to restrict the locations and shipping methods that your coupon is used with.

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