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If we are to believe his ex-wife, Irina Orțan, Truică started the business with money from his in-laws.Years later, after a contentious divorce, Irina would ironically comment on Remus Truică's rise in the Establishment: in 1996, when they first met, he’d failed his physics exams in college, spent his time womanizing and once they started dating she wore the pants in the relationship.

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"The boy was extremely thin and I thought at the time maybe 20 pounds. When I looked at the boy my first instinct is he's dead." Pugliese said he spoke to Emil, the boy's father, who confirmed the teen had been diagnosed with diabetes and there was insulin in the refrigerator.

His shirt was off and he had ribs protruding from his body -- also lesions on his neck," said Pugliese. But the officer said Rodica, the boy's mother, told him Alexandru simply had the flu.

He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was three while the family lived in British Columbia.

Pugliese testified that emergency medical personnel were attending to the boy when the officer first arrived.

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