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Internal waves are not easily visible to observers because they do not cause large waves to appear; instead, they create a horizontal surface current, which affects the roughness of the surface of the sea.

From space, internal waves can be detected very efficiently using this radar technique, which is sensitive to changes in the small-scale surface roughness of the ocean.

The images were taken August 12 2010, October 1 2009 and August 27 2009 over the same area.

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Along the way you’ll step ashore in wonderful historic cities with a wealth of grand architecture to discover.

The highlight of this cruise is likely to be the chance to visit Seville during the famous ‘Feria de Abril’ fiesta.

Sadly, this marriage was not to last but Connery’s affection for Gibraltar did as he returned in 1975 to marry his present wife Micheline Boglio Roquebrune.

However, it is the marriage of Beatle John Lennon to Yoko Ono in 1969 that caused the biggest media sensation.

In other words, should the enemy penetrate that far they would be fired upon from behind.

After the 1727 siege the Spaniards admitted that this battery had been the one they had feared most.

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The Strait of Gibraltar, which lies between the southern coast of Spain and the northern coast of Morocco, is the only place where water from the Atlantic Ocean mixes with water from the Mediterranean Sea.

As water flows into and out of the Mediterranean, two currents are formed in the strait.

Having a legal Civil wedding in Gibraltar is a straightforward process for overseas visitors, with a simple and easy to follow process for submitting documentation.

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