Dating an raf pilot

A book about his wartime experiences, Coming Down in the Drink, was written by author Sean Feast and published just two months ago - just ahead of his death.

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From a young age his dream was to fly and he served the RAF in Cyprus, Benson, Northern Ireland and Hong Kong.

His daughter Sophie said he was a man of ‘immense integrity and humour’ and hugely respected in the aviation industry.

He later took part bombing raids on Germany and, after VE Day in May 1945, built airfields on Okinawa.

In November that year he received the Distinguished Flying Cross for courage and dedication to duty.

An only child, he grew up in Darlington before the family moved south to Hatfield, Hertfordshire and he started at Welwyn Garden City Grammar School in 1951.

The move took the Langleys next door to the De Havilland aircraft site and after finishing school he joined the 2203 Hatfield and De Havilland squadron Air Cadets.

The following is a comprehensive selection of slang terms and common abbreviations used by the RAF from before World War II until the present day; less common abbreviations are not included.

Often common colloquial terms are used as well by airmen, as well as less savory ones.

Alongside his flying career he also gained a law degree.

Mrs Boazman added: “The circumstances of Thursday’s crash will be under investigation for some time but whatever occurred happened quickly.

Tributes for pilot Paul Gunnell have been led by his wife Kirsty Boazman, who described him as an “outrageously talented” man.

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