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) The top panel has a flatter mains lamp in the middle of the panel (not the bulbus jewel that i've seen on photos) and the mains rotary selector is set to 250V (UK based) with the fuse in the middle.

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I believe the G12Cs that were included in the JTM100JH amps were made in England but the ones used in the Vintage Modern line were made in China. The Vintage Modern cabs are highly regarded as well. wise the Heritage and the Anniversary are the same according to the Celestion website. Decibel and was told that the Anniversary was made in China with all of the changes that have come about through the years and that the Heritage was made the same as the originals.

I've got a 425A cab and it's an outstanding sounding cab. He wouldn't comment on the G12C, but I was able to find out through researching on the net that the Vintage Modern G12C speakers are made in China.

(MPP, later a camera maker, was formed as a subsidiary during the war.) Production of radio, television and "hi fi" speakers continued in the postwar years.

Rola Celestion was bought by Truvox - a manufacturer of public address systems in 1949.

Grey top panel, 6 inputs, 6 plastic black vents with VOX logo on, plywood cabinet, point to point soldering (not pcb), Speakers are Rola Celestian greenbacks G12H 30 W, 12 Ohms (repeat 12 Ohms! Markings on speaker "arms" are T1969 CE X and T1969 CE S. ) plate reads: VOX SOUND LIMITED, serial No: 75081897.

(ther'es no letter 'D") The serial no: is handwritten, or hand "scraped" onto the metal panel.

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The Celestion Blue Alnico 15W 12" Speaker was originally designed in the '50s and used in early Vox and Marshall amplifiers. Known for its exceptional tonal definition and dynamic audio range.

Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Limited were formed in 1927, and two years later the company moved across the Thames to Kingston.

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