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At the same time, experts believe that the real number of HIV cases exceeds the above mentioned figure at least tenfold.The reason for that is low technical equipment for diagnostic procedures at the so-called "Aids Centers" – the network of official establishments entitled to engage in all issues concerning the AIDS/HIV prevention and treatment in the country. Only 7% of AIDS cases reported in 1985 in the US were women and girls. In the US, AIDS rates among women are highest in the Southeast and the Northeast.

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The proportion of women in AIDS research studies is increasing but is still quite low. Researchers are trying to enroll more women into their clinical trials.

This is necessary because women have been under-represented in most medical research, not just on AIDS.

Prison may be a unique moment in these women’s lives in which they have access to such care and counselling.

Women are at a greater risk than men of contracting HIV from sexual intercourse.

Prepared by* Baurzhan Zhusupov Public Opinion Research Centre Kazakhstan *The views expressed in this paper, which has been reproduced as received, are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the United Nations. The transition period, which all CIS countries are going through, has caused dramatic changes in all social spheres.

The epidemiological situation with the HIV infection in Kazakhstan 3. The literacy level of the adult population is almost 100 %.

Those women who eng age in intra-venous drug use have an additional risk, as they often also have unprotected sex with their drug partners, or engage in sex for money.

Barrier methods for protection are often not used by women because their male partners are recalcitrant about them.

The Human Development Index (widely considered as an important characteristic of the quality of life) has considerably declined owing to two indicators – GDP and average life expectancy.

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