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Note: Some Special Build and Limited Edition instruments can still be found with the previous water slide serial numbering.

Tribute G&L's were made in Korea by Cort Guitars using mostly foreign-made hardware, though some original parts were also used on select models.

The pickups used are all originally made by G&L in Fullerton, California.

We accept credit cards and For our left-handed friends, here is your chance to snag a nice ASAT Classic that was part of a G&L artist's rig.

This is a mid 2000's Classic that belonged to Boston based pro and Berklee College of Music Professor Scott Tarulli.

In February 2011, serial numbering was updated to CLFXXXXXX and the serial number applied onto a metal plate in place of the waterslide decal on the back of the headstock.

This was started with serial number CLF061000 and numbering is now issued in sequence.

It features the timeless layout and pickup configuration of Leo Fender's groundbreaking TelecasterĀ® with important updates like individual brass bridge saddles and specially designed Magnetic Field Design pickups.

The result is plenty of classic cluck, twang and sparkle but with more modern output, clarity, and flexibility.

He designed and produced instruments for Music Man in the 1970s through his company CLF Research.

When relations with Music Man soured, G&L was created to continue operations outside of Music Man.

Guitars always has at least 40 G&L guitars in stock and we try hard to keep our listings up to date. If you'd like to discuss options or request a quote, simply email us or call.

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