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FACT: Teen dating violence is as common as domestic violence in adult relationships.A 2001 study of high school students conducted by Harvard University found that 1 in 5 teenage girls had been physically or sexually abused by a dating partner FACT: Research shows that teen girls are not as likely to be as abusive as teen boys.Unlike other Jewish dating sites, you can communicate with others singles free during your trial.

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However, LGBTQ youth are even less likely than heterosexual youth to tell anyone or seek help, and there are fewer resources for these teens.

FACT: There are many reasons youth may stay in abusive relationship: fear, wanting to be loved and needed, having a partner may be important to a youth’s social status, believing the abuser’s apologies and promises to never do it again, peer pressure, loss of self-confidence, not recognizing what’s happening is abusive, and the impact of TV, music, movies and other forms of media that normalize violence.

Our hotline is confidential and can be called 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer individualized safety planning based on our belief that women are the experts in their own lives.

We support what women feel is right for them, whether they are in, leaving or have left an abusive relationship.

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Whether you're looking for a companion, a date, or a soul mate, Jewish is the place for you! Our free 3 week no obligation trial includes posting a dating profile and communicating with other Jewish singles using messaging and winks.We are able to provide support to survivors in various areas: we meet them at the hospital when they’ve been sexually and/or physically assaulted; we accompany them to Family Court and provide support around Relief From Abuse orders; we offer welfare advocacy and housing assistance, and we are there to help women and children figure out their best options and navigate all of the community’s resources that are available to them.We work with K-12 levels in schools in Windham and Southern Windsor Counties and present on various topics, including healthy relationships, consent, gender-socialization, dating violence, violence against women, sexual assault, and the media’s impact on youth.Teen boys are far more likely to initiate violence and teen girls are more likely to be violent in a case of self-defense. Bureau of Justice statistics reports that over 90% of the reported incidents of assaults in FACT: Teen dating violence can be very dangerous – sometimes lethal.Males are more likely to report they use violence to intimidate, cause fear, or force their girlfriends into doing something. Results of teen dating violence and sexual assault include serious physical harm, emotional damage, sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancy, and death.“The App Safety Center will give survivors the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their safe use of smartphone technology.” The App Safety Center has four main sections: The section on Apps for Survivors reviews several categories of apps, including those used to assess safety and abuse, personal safety apps (including apps specifically for teens and college students), and other tools for survivors.

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