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Buddhism is at the heart of Myanmar culture and it permeates private and public life.Most young people spend time in monastic education, and monks and nuns hold a revered place in society: they should not be touched; they always sit at the highest place available (for example at a table or on a bus – which often means on the roof); and they hold privileges such as the freedom of first class travel on public transport, sometimes with their own reserved places.

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Myanmar, or Burma as the nation has been known throughout history, is one of the major countries following Theravada Buddhism.

In recent years Myanmar has attained special eminence as the host for the Sixth Buddhist Council, held in Yangon (Rangoon) between 19, and as the source from which two of the major systems of Vipassana meditation have emanated out into the greater world: the tradition springing from the Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw of Thathana Yeiktha and that springing from Sayagyi U Ba Khin of the International Meditation Centre.

To write an account of the development of a religion in any country is a delicate and demanding undertaking and one will never be quite satisfied with the result.

This booklet does not pretend to be an academic work shedding new light on the subject.

This booklet is intended to offer a short history of Buddhism in Myanmar from its origins through the country's loss of independence to Great Britain in the late nineteenth century.

I have not dealt with more recent history as this has already been well documented.

And due to recent poverty and isolation, as well as regular black-outs, nightlife as a concept is only in its infancy in Myanmar – although the bigger cities, in particular Yangon, have a growing number of bars that are open till late.

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Some of these are fascinating; some require sensitivity; some require the visitor to adjust.

But above all they combine to make a nation that is as warm and welcoming as any in the world: locals are almost always keen to help out and make friends.

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