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Also, Los Angeles, which boasts 164,000 Jewish singles, is still described as a very difficult place for Jewish Singles to find a match due to its great distances, its mobility and a lack of a central hub where Jewish singles tend to live.

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A growing diversity on a sociological and demographic level has led many Jewish singles to feel closer to other ethnic minorities and has made the Jewish singles’ path harder to navigate.

The situation for Jewish singles today is much more complex than ever before.

This group is for Jewish Singles who are both Observant and Non-observant who are 40 years and older. Most of our friends are married, we have kids, jobs, and complicated busy lives. You are not expected to be Shomer Shabbat, but when you attend be respectful (Cell Phone not left On for example).

If you are not observant - you are welcome at the Shabbat meals and people will show you the page in the book and explain things.

Despite the connection to rabbis, these sites aren’t targeting observant Jews. Instead, the service partners with secular community organizations such as Jewish Urban Meeting Place (JUMP) and Hillel.

It’s also supported by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and counts The CJN as a community partner.

It’s a dating jungle out there; you need a skilled and intuitive matchmaker.

Choosing your life partner is hands-down the most important decision you will ever make, and you want to turn it over to an algorithm?

As a premiere Jewish introduction agency, A World of Jewish Singles has successfully united couples for over 16 years.

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