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"To this day, the official story is that he started dating Jackie when he was 18 and she was 25," says Richardson.

She wants to be able to hold a stimulating conversation with her partner and to know that he's at least equal to her (if not better) in this department.

I listen to classical music, jazz and the blues, and the few people I really like – Nick Cave and Damon Albarn, say. Do you have any personal memories of him that stand out? He was at the bottom of the bill on a tour I did, back when he was still David Jones.

"All I want is a Chevrolet." "Family values" don't apply to him: When Marianne confronted Newt about his cheating, he had just returned from a speech where he spoke of the importance of family values. She refused, and asked him how he could give high-minded speeches while simultaneously running around on his wife. "People need to hear what I have to say." He borrowed jokes from his ex-wife: Explaining how his current wife, Callista, is simultaneously younger but more mature than he is, Gingrich tells Richardson, "Callista and I kid that I'm 4 and she's 5, and therefore she gets to be in charge." When Marianne hears the anecdote, she's stunned.

Finally, my road-season started last Saturday with the Strade Bianche, a favourite for many riders.

I'm almost 70, I have arthritis and I've had three nasty falls.

Some people of course are very lucky and have great management.

Does the music industry have a moral duty to provide artists more support? The words music industry and moral don't go together.

Twelve years after leaving Congress under a cloud, Newt Gingrich leads other possible GOP presidential candidates in many polls.

However, he nevertheless performed a nose transplant, and Marianne ended up liking his scent, as she had never learned what "good" smells and "bad" smells were.

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