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If a railroad antique is dated 1940 or later, chances are that unless it is a very unique item, it will not be worth much if you want to sell.Railroads that ran service to as many states as Chicago and North Western Railway are fairly rare because it requires a large railroad to cover ground in 9 different states.

View all Since 1890, The Chicago Embroidery Company has been manufacturing and providing the highest quality embroidered products and emblems at low prices.

Still privately owned, for over 125 years we have made high quality patches for just about every customer you can think of.

Our customers include the United States Armed Forces, Federal agencies, state and local agencies, the National Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of the USA, numerous Boy Scout and Girl Scout Councils, numerous companies large and small, uniform companies as well as small organizations. You must be 100% satisfied with every detail of your custom emblem or we will re-make the order at no charge, including the shipping charges.

Since 1890 we have made emblems for just about every customer you can think of. We use the latest state-of-the-art emblem manufacturing to produce your custom embroidered emblems. We guarantee your delivery date and our on-time delivery or your emblems will be shipped to you absolutely free of charge.

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Almost any railroad antique from this early period will have significant value to collectors such as passes, timetables, documents, lanterns, and other railroadiana which wouldn't have much value if it were from a later period.

Antiques from this period can be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the condition, provenance and rarity of the specific item.

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view our work View Portfolio See all Testimonials Since 1890 The Chicago Embroidery Company has made hundreds of millions of patches for all kinds of customers --from very large companies and agencies to very small clubs and individuals.

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