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If you have an account you can edit them on your settings page.Please note: the promotion code changes the First Payment Amount when a customer or administrator uses the code while ordering. If it did automatically update the recurring amount then this would prevent administrators from being able to manually update the recurring amount value when a promotion code was in use.When ticked some new options will appear, the intricacies of upgrade/downgrade promotions are explained below: Select the Products/Services radio option as the Upgrade Type.

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With this option disabled the client would need to order both products x and y at the same time to qualify.

Ticking this checkbox means the promo code will be used by the client when placing an upgrade/downgrade order, particularly useful for offering incentives when upselling.

Note: If you’re subscribed to Square Marketing, you have access to unlimited monthly emails at no additional cost and will skip the payment entry window.

When a customer receives your marketing email and is ready to make a purchase, you can apply their reward at checkout. When creating a blast campaign with Square Marketing, the option to send a reminder email to recipients who haven’t opened your message is enabled by default.

You do this as follows: By selecting products from the "Requires" menu it is possible to stipulate which products/services the client must also have in their shopping cart before the discount will be applied.

This can be used to offer "buy x get y half price" style promotions.

Instead, the promotion code is used to discount the Recurring Amount automatically on renewal invoices as applicable.

With WHMCS, you can set the maximum number of times a promotion can be used.

View Promotions » With seven dining options to choose from, you’re bound to miss a special here and there.

We’ve made it easier to find the tastiest dining promotions being held, in one convenient location.

The free item(s) may be restricted to receiving the exact same item, or it may include a "mix and match" selection.

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