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n the founding collection information about the names of the makers of the objects in the collection is seldom available.Because of the presence of paintings, drawings, ceramics and glassware from European manufacturers in the second collection a little more information has been noted in the catalogue.A large number of Hollywood films then fashioned their sets using these timeless, minimalist styles, spreading global inspiration.

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If, on examination of the images of the objects in the catalogue, you realise that you know who made one of the objects please let us know via . Davis possibly John Heath Davis Alfred Louis Brunet-Debaines Derby pottery Jalab Din John Dixon Don Pottery Donatello David Dunderdale & Co Pottery Dunmore Pottery Elers Elkington & Co, London Erulo Eroli Hans Eworth J. Eysser, Nürnberg Frankenthal Porcelain Luigi Gallandt Ambrose Gallimore Marcus Gheerardt also known as Mark Garrard Lucien Marcelin Gautier Joseph Gott Guy Green Jos. New Hall Oka Old Worcester Osborn Collins Serpentine Road, Poole Pavel Ovchinnikov Pinxton Pottery Alessandro Pisa of Naples William Augustus Lane Fox-Pitt F.

Green, Little Britain, London Stephen Green, Imperial Pottery, Lambeth Axel Herman Haig Hartmann Aaron Hays Lucas de Heere Josiah Hellyer, Coxside, Plymouth W. Kajikawa Hidetaka]Höchst Porcelain Sakai Hoitsu Isleworth Hanabusa ItchōJackfield Jackson Miss Jefferies Hidé Katsu or Katsuhide Angelica Kauffmann Matsumura Keibun Henry John Yeend King Lambeth pottery Thomas Landseer Laudin family, Limoges David Law George Fabian Lawrence Leeds Peter Lely Thomas Lynch Robert Walker Macbeth Meissen Porcelain Martin Brothers Quentin or Quintin Matsys? Powell Rockingham Rörstrand Royal Doulton Royal Worcester Salviati and Co.

Cochran & Co) Rachael Ray Rachel Bilson Rackliffe Pottery Radford, Samuel Radnor (See Hall Brothers) Rae's (Japan) Railroad Rainbow Mountain Rainbow Stone (See Sango) Raintree Rakuyo (Japan) Rale Ralph Hall Ralph Hamersley Ralph Lauren (See Ralph Lauren) Ralph Lauren China Ralph Stevenson &Son Ralston Purina Ramuntcho Ranch House Randa Ranmaru Ransat Ceramics Ransgil Ransom (Japan) Raphael Weill Company Rathbone, T & Co Raven's Wood (See Pickard) Ravenscroft Ravensdale Raymond's Inc Raynaud Raz Imports RB Alcobaca RC (USA) (See Royal (USA)) Rc Japan (See Noritake) Rcpc Reading (Japan) Reading China Real (Brazil) Real (Portugal) Real Ceramica Real Home Real Simple Reba Harmony for the Home Reba Mc Entire (See Reba Harmony for the Home) Rebecca Fine Bone China Rebecca Molayem Rebecca Moses Reboisson & Baranger (See Descottes, Reboisson&Ba) Reco Red Cliff Red Sea Red Vanilla Red Wing Redfern&Drakeford Redon, M Redraven Studios Reed & Barton Regal (England) Regal (Japan) Regal Heritage Regal Manor Regal Pottery Regal Vellum Regal-American Regas Regency Regency (Japan) Regency (USA) Regent (China) Regent (England) Regent Craft Regina (Holland) Regina (Japan) Regina RCR (See Paden City) Regina Ware Regis Rego Reichenbach Reinecke Reiner Reinhold Schlegelmil Relco (Japan) Reliable Home Equip Rembrandt Remington (See Red Sea) Renaissance Rene Caire Rene Frugier Renner Renoir Renwick (Japan) Replacements Replacements Replacements Books Replacements Terms Replacements, Ltd.

It is enlightening to juxtapose "Fine Art" to "Modern Art"Thought you may be interested in these examples of Rorstrand Gratina (the maroon) and Canaria (which I love and is the yellow)... Excuse the poor quality of the photo, but it was taken as we were in the process of moving. Fi_________________you don't educate stupid people. It is enlightening to juxtapose "Fine Art" to "Modern Art"I've got this beautiful Rorstrand vase (pic and mark attached), and I'm trying to find some insight as to the date it was produced.

Collectors often identify these 200 year old jugs by the kind of style (Thin Man, Martha Gunn, Hearty Good Fellow, etc.), finish (creanware, prattware, pearlware) or by the area of England in which they may have been produced (Staffordshire, Leeds, Portobello, Yorkshire).

Exceptions to the above are those few jugs which can fairly confidently be attributed to one of the following Staffordshire potters: • John Astbury • John Voyez • Josiah Wedgwood • Thomas Whieldon • Aaron Wood • Ralph Wood I • Ralph Wood II • Enoch Wood All of these styles, finishes, production areas and individual potters are represented in the Antique section of the Museum.

Beginning with those originating in the late 19th Century, the Toby and Character Jugs in the American Toby Jug Museum are arranged in collections by makers.

A list of those makers by country of origin is provided below.

With this on-trend, designers from all parts of Europe fled their war-torn homelands to various parts of the globe to 'ply' their trade.

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