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Within the workplace every year around 150 workers are killed and many thousands sustain severe injuries, while over 500 more die on our roads in the course of their work and over 13,000 deaths occur for Occupational related diseases with many more suffering from ill-health.

Food safety is of primary concern to Second Harvest Foodbank, to your agency and to the people you serve.

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Although their core membership includes health and safety professionals and specialists, their distinctive role is to support and educate non-specialists – those who have health and safety responsibilities as part of their wider remits, such as directors and partners of small firms, general managers, HR managers, contractors and suppliers.

In this way, safety groups and SGUK contribute to the cause of reducing the toll of deaths and life-changing injuries and illnesses due to work activities.

They do this by bringing a wide range of people together to hear essential messages and to share experience, concerns and solutions.

Safety Groups, dating back in some cases to the 1920s and '30s, are an established part of the UK health and safety system.

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