dating girls contact number delhi - Dating scammers how recognize

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(written by a woman :-)) The right way of flirting is the key to love.

Romance scammers are a special class of con artists who use seduction to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.

If he claims to be from Iowa, but he tells you that since he's from the Midwest, he loves to have bangers for breakfast, your antennae should start twitching. She is skilled at profiling and will use any weakness to her advantage.

Those who usually fall victim tend to be idealistic with high romantic beliefs, according to research done by professors of psychology, Monica Whitty and Tom Buchanan, in the study, "The Psychology of the Online Dating Romance Scam," published by the University of Leicester.

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If you have sent them a copy of your passport, birth certificate, identity card, or driver's license; if you have sent them your banking information or your credit card information, please go HERE immediately for steps to protect your identity.

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