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Our professionalized services fully encompass the wide range of needs necessary to develop architecture and landscapes for skateboarding.

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Are Schecter Diamond Series models available with custom options?

We do not customize or modify our Diamond Series guitars or basses in any way.

In its most powerful version, one utilizing advanced strap-on boosters and a high-energy upper stage, the SLS will be able to lift 130 metric tons while generating a staggering 9.2 million pounds of thrust."It's also important to remember that we're building a series of launch vehicles here, not just one," Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot told reporters.

"This is for us the start of kind of a production model of how we're going to develop the vehicles we need to take folks beyond low-Earth orbit, moving from a 70-metric-ton vehicle for (the first test flight) to eventually a 130-metric ton rocket that will carry folks to Mars."But as of today, the only actual missions that are covered by NASA's projected budget are three test flights: the December launch of an uncrewed Orion capsule atop a Delta 4 rocket; the first SLS test flight in 2018; and the first crewed test flight around 2021.

That was the goal in a "best practices" approach to program management."If we don't do anything, we basically have a 70 percent chance of getting to that date," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA's associate administrator for space operations.

"Our intent is to go look at those (expected) problems and see what we can do to mitigate (them)."The initial version of the SLS rocket, powered by four left-over space shuttle main engines and two upgraded shuttle-heritage solid-fuel boosters, will be capable of lifting payloads weighing up to 70 metric tons while generating 8.4 million pounds of thrust -- 10 percent more than the fabled Saturn 5 moon rocket that has long held the record as the world's most powerful launcher.

Space Launch System rockets will come in at least two variants, one (shown above) initially capable of lifting 70-metric-ton payloads and the other a gargantuan mega booster capable of lifting 130 metric tons while generating 9.2 million pounds of thrust.

(Credit: NASA)When all of those factors were included, along with input from an independent review panel, computer analysis indicated a 70 percent chance of meeting the November 2018 target date.

We balance artistic expression with functionality making sure we meet our clients’ needs both now and in the future.

Learn More After more than 18 years we continue to be the leading experts in top quality concrete skate park construction.

In February, the federal agency launched a feasibility study for the Space Launch System after the Trump administration asked NASA whether two astronauts could be part of the first test flight, originally scheduled for late 2018.

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